Jennifer Lopez Finds “Unexpected Ally” in Husband’s Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner

 Jennifer Lopez Finds “Unexpected Ally” in Husband’s Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Lopez has surprisingly found an “ally” in her husband’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. The hitmaker, who has reportedly been going through a marital crisis with Ben Affleck, has been able to rely on Garner, who has been “really friendly” with her, according to US Weekly.

“She’s been helpful to J.Lo, and they’ve been relating to each other. Jennifer has been a surprising person for J.Lo to talk to,” a source tells the outlet, adding that Garner became an “unexpected ally” to Lopez.

This support comes at a crucial time, as Lopez and Affleck, who got married in 2022, have reportedly hit rocky waters and are planning to get a divorce, according to In Touch. US Weekly also quoted an insider saying, “They can’t get on the same page [and] have been discussing divorce as an option.”

On the other hand, Garner was married to the Gone Girl actor from 2005 to 2018 and shares three children (Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel) with him. Despite their separation, Garner and Affleck have remained amicable co-parents.

Garner’s support for Lopez is seen as an extension of her continued support for Affleck, even amid his marital troubles. “She’s been supportive of Ben during his marital woes as well,” the source noted.

The unexpected bond between Lopez and Garner highlights how complex relationships can evolve into unexpected sources of support. As Lopez and Affleck navigate their current challenges, Garner’s friendly demeanor and willingness to lend an ear have been a surprising yet welcome comfort to Lopez during this difficult time.

The relationship dynamics between these high-profile individuals demonstrate the importance of maintaining amicable connections for the well-being of all parties involved, particularly when children are in the picture. As Lopez and Affleck continue to work through their issues, the support from Garner may provide a much-needed foundation for healthier interactions moving forward.

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