The View Reveals a Controversial Photo of Josh Brolin to his Father on Live Television

James Brolin by showing nude photo
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The View recently revealed a naked picture of actor James Brolin’s son, Josh Brolin, live on television… and then asked him how he felt about it. During the 82-year-old Sweet Tooth star’s interview on Wednesday’s ABC talk show, a fully-nude picture of the younger Brolin, which he earlier released on Instagram to promote season 2 of his series Outer Range, showed on a big screen behind his father.

“Your son, Josh, famously followed in your footsteps and became an actor,” cohost Sara Haines said. “He recently posted a photo that got a lot of people’s attention because he was nude.”

The elder Brolin replied, “Well, he’s always nude. I mean, all night. He gets dressed in the daytime.” Haines asked, “Is this a thing for him? And did you have to have a talk with your young son?”

James then turned in his seat to face his 55-year-old son, who had been towering behind him for some seconds.
“Oh my God,” he said. “You know, you raise them up and turn them loose, and… good luck, if they even call you!”

Oscar-winning actress and The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg summed up the awkward exchange as the group transitioned to a new topic: “Leave it to us to show the picture behind you.”

Brolin initially uploaded the naked photo of himself on April 22 and explained why in the caption. “We are taking things in a different direction now,” he wrote of Outer Range season 2. “It’s a shifting world and we have to be sensitive to all. The power of example is everything, so examples we are.

We aren’t supposed to post photos from the show but this isn’t really during the show, but rather lunch outside in the beautiful Santa Fe desert.”

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