Gwyneth Paltrow Has an Unusual Way of Describing Her Relationship With Ex Chris

Gwyneth Paltrow has definitely set some trends through her Goop platform. However, her latest comments on Chris Martin have us hoping people don’t start jumping on this trend. Paltrow and ex Martin may be co-parenting role models for divorced celebrities, however, their relationship seems to have totally changed or shall we say shifted . . . at least in Paltrow’s eyes.

The pair consciously uncoupled in 2014 and she had some pretty interesting things to say about her ex in her latest interview, one comment that totally had us confused. In an interview for the Today show, Paltrow shared her feelings for Martin saying, “He’s like my brother. You know, he’s my family. I love him.”

She went on to share her appreciation for her ex-husband, “I’m so grateful to him for giving me these kids. It worked out well . . . You know, it really did, I have to say” We never thought we’d hear her say those words about her former lover but, hey, we’re just glad that they seem to be getting along. The pair share two children, Apple, 17, who is a total twin of her mama, and Moses, 15. We can’t help but wonder if Martin feels the same way about Paltrow . . . .

If two exes could survive and thrive in the co-parenting world, it’s Paltrow and Martin. They have shown everyone that it really is possible to co-parent in a loving way. Maybe there is something to this brotherly relationship. Who knows, maybe we should all look at our exes like she does . . . okay maybe not, but still, we support Paltrow in her interesting relationship with Martin.

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