Chrissy Teigen spills the beans on her favourite parenting hacks

Every parent in the world constantly tries to find the best method of making their children behave and when Chrissy Teigen spilled the beans on her own secret holy grail, the internet was sent into fits of roaring laughter.

Reportedly, the model leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her children’s well-being, even if it means employing a bit of fake ‘reinforcement’.

Chrissy explained her parenting strategy over on Twitter and began by saying, “I love when kids are beyond obsessed with something. It makes life so much easier.”

With baby Miles now becoming his own person, at times Chrissy finds it very hard to make her child do anything. It is during times like these that she turns to her trusty ‘Lightning Mcqueen’ sham to coax her son into listening.

Chrissy added, “I just tell miles to eat his lunch because it’s lightning mcqueen’s favorite and he does it. He does whatever lightning mcqueen says, always.”

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