Britney Spears’ Autobiography Could Be Delayed Due To Rumors Of Her Revealing Affairs With A-Listers

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It’s been nearly a year since Britney Spears signed a book contract worth at least $15 million. The tell-all is supposedly finished, but if the newest reports are to be believed, its future is quite suspicious.

Attorneys for various celebrities who allegedly think they are in the book have allegedly filed “strongly worded legal letters” to the publisher, and because of all the possible lawsuit difficulties, the autobiography may be pushed back till late this year.

Obviously, no one involved is commenting on the record, but according to The Sun, “two Hollywood stars” Britney Spears alleges she had affairs with are causing issues.

They apparently reached out, and the publisher is now supposedly working with its own legal team to see whether or not there is any potential liability. Because this process might take months, the end of the year is now being targeted as a release date.

So, what exactly is going on here? Let’s start with the accuracy of the original rumor. Are there any legal issues for Britney Spears’ upcoming autobiography? Most likely, yes.

Spears has been quite open on social media since her conservatorship ended. She has slammed various family members and has been open about her thoughts about what happened to her and how much resentment she still has.

With a hundred thousand words or more to express herself, there’s every reason to believe she’ll go in hard on certain people, putting herself in legal hot liability.

She’s allowed to discuss her life story and throw middle fingers at anybody she wants as long as she didn’t sign any NDAs or management contracts that restrict her ability to talk, but if others believe the claims are false or misleading, they have the right to sue.

Most of the time, it never comes to that since everyone involved would rather move on than add more fuel to the fire, but the possibility is always present, as proven by Johnny Depp’s recent lawsuit against Amber Heard over an op-ed she was involved in.

Who these mystery stars maybe is a considerably more complicated matter. Spears has been married three times to people who aren’t quite A-listers. She’s also had romances with other famous people, including Justin Timberlake and Colin Farrell.

The former apologized a few years ago for comments he made about Spears and their relationship, while the latter doesn’t seem to care what was said.

Plus, we knew she was going to talk about these relationships. So, I think the likelihood is that this is nervousness around some people who have never been publicly revealed, which aligns with another statement The Sun’s source made after having allegedly read the book…

There’s a fair amount of throwing people under the bus and talking about past relationships, some of whom will be revealed for the first time ever.

Spears hasn’t spoken much about her upcoming book publicly, but she did say back in September that she’s written three different versions and has gone through a lot of therapy to get there.

She admitted that she wasn’t convinced the process was worth it, but it’s completed, and she’s ready for others to read her truth.

Expect a strong reaction to this book whenever it is released. Britney Spears can’t even go out to eat or use a fast food drive-thru these days without everyone and their mother weighing in on social media.

Fans will have enough to talk about if she brings as much fire to the memoir as she has hinted.

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