Top Ten Relationship Fantasies

 Top Ten Relationship Fantasies

Relationship fantasies synthesize hope and positivity in relationships. They have no risk and the person can idealize the situation in any way he likes. Relationship fantasies unlike the real relationships are never ugly.

Building a castle in the air is enjoyable. Relationship fantasies are the best way to fill your life with spark and glee. Mentioned below are the top ten relationship fantasies of friendship that are very desirable.


In real it’s difficult to find someone perfectly trustable. Relationship fantasies make it an easy to have a trustworthy mate.


Most people create relationship fantasies to make themselves believe that they are secure and protected. These relationship fantasies make people’s mates more dependable.

Attention and concern

Some people spend most of their time thinking how to seek other person’s attention. In relationship fantasies, people idealize themselves to be the focal point of interest for their partner. This relationship fantasy satisfies their esteem more than any real thing can.


One of the most popular relationship fantasies is to be the favorite of your mate. People like their partners to praise them and flatter them all the time to express how fortunate they feel to have them.


Another relationship fantasy is the presence of the element of respect.

Level of intimacy

The most common relationship fantasy is that people can let their imagination run riot without any fear. Some people are conservative by nature while some have different desires for having an intimate relationship. These relationship fantasies allow people to define the required parameters of their intimate relationships.

No argument

The satisfaction of having authority in a relationship is a great feeling. Most women have relationship fantasies that their words will be honored every time.

Always helpful

Included in the top ten fantasies of friendship is helpfulness. It’s the contentment of having a partner who will always support you in the lows of life.

Looks and charm

Looks matter to most to some people while to some it comes next to the nature. The most attractive relationship fantasy is having a partner who’s just a perfect match to your definition of beauty.

Ideal life

People enjoy relationship fantasy world because it allows them to live their perfect life with a perfect partner. Unlike the reality, relationship fantasies are charming and sweet and never let anything go wrong.

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