Top 10 Romantic Gestures That Can Turn on Your Girl!

top 10 romantic gestures that can turn on your girl

top 10 romantic gestures that can turn on your girlWomen love romantic gestures from their partners and if you as their dream man are on the right track and precisely know how to use simple romantic gestures then you are bound to take away her heart. Here is a look at top 10 romantic gestures that can turn on your girl magically.

The Unexpected Gestures

Women like simple yet thoughtful romantic gestures. Surprise your lady-love by expressing your love at the most unexpected moments like when she is at work, just call her up or leave romantic notes for her in dressing table drawers, her handbag or any other place where she can find them easily. This is one of the most loved top 10 romantic gestures for women.

Food for Love

It is said that a way to man’ heart is through his stomach. But it is pretty much the same for a woman too, as she just gets turned on by the thought that her man cooking in kitchen for her. Cooking can be one of the very romantic gestures and you don’t need to be expert for it, it is one of those romantic gestures which will be deeply loved by your girl even if you make just a cup of coffee or something for the first time. So, follow this as the top 10 romantic gestures with your girl.

Old is Gold

No matter how much the technology has advanced, yet romantic gestures are preferably done well in traditional ways. Prefer to write a hand-written letter or a love note instead of a text message or an e-mail. You effort in writing will be much appreciated as one of the romantic gestures and it is surely one of the most loved top 10 romantic gestures.

Hunt me Down

Romantic gestures also include a taste of thrill and adventure. Surprise your girl by coming back earlier from work, just before she arrives and play scavenger hunt with her like placing notes here and there to find you, or marking a different way to your bedroom. This is very exciting and at the same time one of the top 10 romantic gestures too.

Gifts Do it All

Gifts are not just for particular occasions; sometimes gifts given unexpectedly can do wonders as being a part of wonderful romantic gestures. So, buy something small just as a token of love and give to your lady-love. She will appreciate it to peaks and would love you even more. Such top 10 romantic gestures surely make your bonds tighter.

Be Her Personal Spa Personnel

Girls love to get pampered and it can be one of the ideal top 10 romantic gestures for you too. Give her a massage or arrange a bubble bath for her if she is coming back after a hectic day at work. Soothe her with good coffee and chocolates. This is one of those romantic gestures in top 10 romantic gestures which you will love and enjoy too.

The Official Date

Once you are in a relationship, don’t be so casual about it and keep arranging official dates one in a while as a part of top 10 romantic gestures. It will not only add sparkle to your relationship but such gestures will also remind you of the first date you had with each other and many other special moments and romantic gestures will pop up automatically.

Adore Her, Praise Her

As a part of top 10 romantic gestures, praise your girl often and tell her that she is beautiful. Women are often in search of such compliments as romantic gestures in order to know how they look like to their partners. Therefore, your opinion matters a lot and if you adore her, nothing would please her more as a part of romantic gestures.

Write Something

Writing a piece of poetry or even prose for your lady-love is one of the most loved romantic gestures out of all the top 10 romantic gestures. It reflects your true feelings for the women in your life and it actually shows your love and devotion towards her through such lovely romantic gestures.

Little Things Do Count

Never think that small things or little romantic gestures do not matter. In relationship, everything counts and these little romantic gestures make up for the top 10 romantic gestures which can eventually make your relationships ever-lasting. So, pay special attention to them and enjoy wonderful moments with your partner with these romantic gestures.

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