Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

1) Success Reason:

Bioshock Infinite

There are many reasons for Bioshock infinite success. Despite the game being long but more importantly it’s detailed. Every gamers is well aware of universal truths in gaming. In gaming industry sewer levels are bad and escort missions are worse but the game did everything possible to eliminate all the reasons we hate these kinds of missions in the first place and honestly speaking most of the escort missions are fun to play which is another reason for its success. Game has lot of puzzles which challenge its players intellectually, despite being an action filled game, this aspect has helped succeeding the game.

2) Story Line:

Bioshock Infinite Game

Bio shock basically has never ending story. Game start with a character called Booker Dewitt who is given a chance to clear off all his gambling debt by rescuing the girl called Elizabeth, who has disappeared in Columbia. Primary job of Booker Dewitt is to bring Elizabeth back in New York. After reaching in Columbia the Booker Dewitt come to know that Elizabeth is locked up in a tower. In meanwhile Booker Dewitt receive a telegram which warn Booker Dewitt to not pick number 77. Somehow he could not understand the message and ignores it. Then come an appearance of a devilish hand with the letters “AD” printed on the back of it. Ironically these letters (AD) match the letters imprinted on the back of Booker’s, hand. The ruler of Columbia who was known as the prophet Comstock, predicted that a “false shepherd” would come to Columbia to try and steal their lamb (Elizabeth) from them. He further predicted that this false shepherd can be identified by the AD mark on the back of his hand. This false shepherd is Booker. He is arrested by police while picking up a raffle ball. This story revolves around Elizabeth and once she is found, things become pretty straight forward; escape this city in the sky. Elizabeth also have a special powers called tearing power

3) Graphic Engine:

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay

Bioshock Infinite is developed using a modified version of Unreal Engine 2.5 and enhanced with Havok Physics. It was launched back in September 2007. Most of the performance review at the time concluded that the title had “jaw-dropping visual effects” and that you’d need one of the finest graphics cards of the day if you intended on playing at 1920×1200 — or even 1600×1200 for that matter.However,it also used a modified build of Unreal Engine 2.5 and looked similar to its predecessor with no major improvements. This resulted in, the game could be run on max quality at 1920×1200 with a relatively affordable graphics card. It seems as Bioshock Infinite has taken the opportunity to mix things up. Despite that fact that it’s still a first-person shooter published by 2K Games and contains similar concepts and themes, the third installment doesn’t follow the same story, being set decades before the previous entries in a floating city called Columbia

4) Environment and Glitches:

Bioshock Infinite Pictures

As you start the game the first thing that you will notice are the visuals. Beautiful city of Columbia which is floating, is a pleasure to look at and the overall look and feel of the environments are designed beautifully, and will evoke feelings of playing the game. When it come to glitches then its really hard to spot many other than  a couple of graphical glitches such as odd texture glitches or Elizabeth’s dress sticking out at the knee as if she were making the Captain Morgan pose while standing normally.

5) Game Play Features:

Bioshock Infinite Posters

Bioshock has may interesting feature which will make you to stick to your couch and keep on playing the game , interesting NPC dialogue, fantastic propaganda posters, and plenty of gorgeous visuals can be passed by if you’re trying to sprint through the game.

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