How to Spend $5000 on Clothes

 How to Spend $5000 on Clothes

Spend $5000 On ClothesIf you have $5000 then you have a large variety of clothing on which you can spend. Now you have to think how you will spend $5000 on Clothes. First of all make a strategy of what you need to purchase then plan accordingly. It is not mandatory to go with the strategy which I am recommending to you. But still this strategy will help you a lot in how to spend $5000 on Clothes.

You have to fill your wardrobe with these Clothes so empty it first and then think how you will fill it. Think as if your wardrobe is your computer desktop and Clothes you have to select are the folders that you will place on your desktop. In this way you will visualize how you will spend $5000 on Clothes. First things first, prioritize things you want to buy and start spending accordingly. You don’t want your $5000 to finish before you have bought everything important.

Suit up

First thing you should buy with your $5000 is a nicely fitted suit. If you are part of corporate world then suits will be the first and the most important thing for you to spend $5000 on. Buy a grey or navy blue suit as these are the colors which can be easily worn and are acceptable everywhere. If you have not stepped yet in corporate world then this suit will help you for your job interviews etc. or you can wear the suit with the blazer on date night. Do buy shoes and a tie with your suit from your $5000.

Street wear

Second thing on which you can spend $5000 on is the street wear. First thing for street wear you should buy is a blue color or a dark color jean which you can wear casually. Beside it spend your remaining $5000 on cool t-shirts and sneakers that are important for the casual look. The other important thing you should buy with your $5000 is the leather jacket. You don’t have to buy a classical style loosely fitted leather jacket. You can buy nicely fitted modern style leather jacket which are in fashion these days.


In outwear you can get a good coat. Good coats are not very cheap, so it is very important to pick a coat wisely.

Now how to spend $5000 on Clothes has been answered. An overview is given how to spend $5000 on Clothes now it depends on you what are your needs and according to that you can allocate your budget.

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