5 Ways to Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

 5 Ways to Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

First things first: It’s nearly impossible to thicken your hair Opens a New Window.at the root itself unless you medically intervene with supplements or injections. But that’s not what this article is about .

It’s about how to make your hair look and feel fuller—to maximize the follicles you’re already working with, and to be all the more confident when you head out into the world with each passing year.

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1. Switch to a Milder Shampoo

Hopefully you already know that too much shampoo is bad for your hair. It strips all the good oils along with the bad, drying it out and making it hard to style. However, sometimes that’s the tradeoff if you actually want your hair to look fuller: When it’s parched, it stands up more and looks thicker. So, since you might be shampooing more frequently in order to get this effect, Fee suggests switching to one that’s engineered to be less harsh on your strands. It’ll still lift the hair since it removes the oil at the root, but it’ll dry the actual hair out less in the process, by preserving its natural oils.

2. Use Light, Dry Products

“When it comes to thinning hair, you don’t want to use heavy, greasy productsOpens a New Window.that’ll weigh the hair down,” says Fee. “It will cause separation that only accentuates the hair loss.”  She’s referring to things like standard shiny pomade. Instead you want something with a matte finish that lifts the hair. She uses Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay PomadeOpens a New Window. (note that it’s not a “traditional greasy pomade—sometimes the word ‘pomade’ is used interchangeably with ‘hair product’), or a texturizing spray like Oribe’sOpens a New Window., which kind of works like a dry shampoo to soak excess oils and add some lift.

3. Use a Round Brush (and a Hair Dryer)

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You probably know that a brush isn’t the best styling device for short hair. It’s used to evenly distribute natural oils to the ends of longer hairs. So, while you keep a comb nearby for your styling needs, there is one brush you should have on-hand: a small, rounded one, like the 3/4″ brush from SpornetteOpens a New Window.. If you use a cream styler, like Baxter of California’s Hard Cream PomadeOpens a New Window., apply a small amount to clean, towel-dried hair, then use the brush with a hair dryer (a cheap, simple Conair Opens a New Window.hair dryer will do) to lift the hair and dry the product at the root, Fee says. “It gives the hair volume and a thicker look,” she adds.

4. Follow These Dieting Principles

“Diet and supplements can be very helpful in strengthening hair and prolonging the inevitable, as hair loss comes down to genetics,” Fee says. You can take a proactive approach to hair loss, aside from pills and procedures, by focusing on your diet. “It can be as easy as eating a clean diet—no sugar or processed foods—and one high in antioxidants,” she says. “Or you can take supplements that include biotin, zinc, vitamin C, iron, and niacin—such as Viviscal daily hair growth supplements.”

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5. Opt for Hair fibers—Hollywood’s Big Grooming Secret

We asked Fee for the “Hollywood secret” to making hair look thicker—something beyond these everyday salon tips. Her answer was a bit of a shock: It’s hair fibers—like those sprinkle-on powders guys use to cover their bald spots.

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