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Men’s Casual Wear Can be a Classy Dress Code Too

mens casual wear can be a classy dress code too

mens casual wear can be a classy dress code tooMen’s casual wear is acceptable in some companies on some day only if you get it defined right.

Many companies allow men’s casual wear at least once a week, but dress codes vary. Some companies are stricter than others about men’s casual wear. Some companies allow employees to wear men’s casual wear and some don’t. Here are some guidelines for adapting men’s casual wear as acceptable business men’s casual wear, which is a notch below business formal.
Step one to proper men’s casual wear: 

Ask human resources department for official guidelines concerning men’s casual wear. At a large company, men’s casual wear may be a sport coat with a tie; at a smaller company, it may mean khakis and a polo shirt.

Step two to proper men’s casual wear: 

Before you adorn men’s casual wear, make sure you don’t have any meetings that require formal business attire.

Step three to proper men’s casual wear: 

Select clean, pressed and wrinkle-free clothes even for men’s casual wear. Your men’s casual wear outfit should communicate professionalism as well.

Step four to proper men’s casual wear: 

Wear a collared shirt with an undershirt for men’s casual wear. You can break up the oxford shirt monotony by wearing linen or flannel shirt or one with a band collar in your men’s casual wear. Knitted shirts and polo shirts are also generally acceptable men’s casual wear. A casual sport coat is appropriate men’s casual wear as well.

Step five to proper men’s casual wear: 

Wear khakis, chinos, corduroys or other non-denim slacks for men’s casual wear. Check your company’s policy before you decide to wear jeans as men’s casual wear to work.

Step six to proper men’s casual wear: 

Be sure to wear a belt, and have it match the color of your shoes even in men’s casual wear.

Step seven to proper men’s casual wear: 

Wear socks that match the color of your pants in men’s casual wear, leave white socks or tube socks in your gym bag.

Step eight to proper men’s casual wear:

Choose oxfords, loafers, rubber soled leather shoes or boots for casual day since they are perfect men’s casual wear. Wingtips are often too formal for men’s casual wear. Worn-out shoes, sandals or athletic shoes don’t make the grade for men’s casual wear.

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