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5 Grooming Basics Every Man Shouldn’t Skip

Freshen up
Freshen up

With weddings and festive parties in full swing, it’s quite a challenge to look good, when you’ve spent the whole day at work and have to attend a function in the evening. To make sure you appear fresh faced and appropriately groomed for any party, it’s essential to keep a few simple grooming tips in mind. We show you how to prep up and head out in style!

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Air brush your face:

your face
Air brush your face

Heard about a m moisturizer that lets your dry skin glow or a matte cream that soaks excess oils from the face? Hydrating enhancers or oil-soaking creams are great air brushing tools that men should invest in. Certain face creams even boast of light reflecting properties that keep flashlights from highlighting blemishes! Concealers specific for men can help hide dark circles, giving you a completely flawless look.

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Hair styling:

Hair styling
Hair styling

Dry shampoo is godsend for people who like to party after hours.Since it counters greasiness, you can spray it on your hair for a freshly-shampooed look, before heading out. A wet-look hair gel, wax, mousse or cream are other styling products that you can use to get your desired hairstyle.

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Scent of a man:

Scent of a man
Scent of a man

Even if you use a deodorant, don’t forget to spray on a perfume as well. Rather than applying it only on your neck, it is best advised to spray it on the chest and underarms, as those areas are more prone to body odour. Apply some on your wrist and palms as well.

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Nail it right:

Nail care For Men
Nail it right

Conversations with a glass or a plate in hand are common at parties. There are ample moments when your nails are in focus. Always keep them clean and well-trimmed. You wouldn’t want to be nailed for unkempt nails.

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Freshen up:

Freshen up
Freshen up

If you’ve had a tiring day at work, your face will reflect it. To get a youthful glow on your face, use an energizing scrub. Its deep cleansing formula will not only invigorate the skin but also make it look brighter and healthier. It is the easiest way to remove dirt and dead cells from the face.

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