Waistcoat Fashion for Men

 Waistcoat Fashion for Men

Waistcoat Fashion

waistcoat fashion for menAlthough waistcoat Fashion had been used for thousands of years, the waistcoat had been created by Royal proclamation in1666. In 17th century, Rich men use waistcoats for special occasions and ceremonies. But later on it become a regular part of men’s fashion. It is said that this trend was started by King Charles VII (then Prince of Whales).

The new fashion trend of waistcoat is mostly looser and comes in blacks and gray. You want to go for a waistcoat that sits just below your waist. Lightweight fabrics work best on those who have a bulge to hide. Wear it with a simple white shirt rolled up to your elbows and you’ll look cool and right on trend. Also the correct way to wear waistcoat is without belt.


Features and Trends of Waistcoats Fashion for Men

Normally there are two types of waistcoats, Single breasted waistcoat and double breasted waistcoat. There are four to six buttons in single breasted waistcoat whereas double breasted waistcoat is with three buttons. A single breasted waistcoat looks great under lounge suits but if you want a classy evening wear suit for a cocktail party or formal evening wedding, then double breasted waistcoat is really mandatory for you to look the perfect example of men’s fashion.

Now a day there are varieties of ways to wear waistcoat fashion for men. In casual dressing, men may wear the waistcoats with jeans and t-shirt. It will look smart, gorgeous and trendy.

Some Tips to wear Waistcoat

It is fashionable and traditional to leave the very last button unfastened.  This helps when you sit down as the last thing you want is a flying button

The waistcoat should completely cover the top of your trousers and have none of the shirt showing.

Waistcoats for men, over a tee shirt and jeans for day/evening wear for individuality at parties, barbecues and gigs of any kind.

Wearing a striped waistcoat over plain dark color chino gives an elegant and semi formal look. It is advisable to pair dull color waistcoat with a bright color tie and soft color formal shirt.

Types of Waistcoat Fashion

Traditional waistcoat, normally have 5 to 6 buttons with small pocket.

Highland waistcoats, normally have five squared silver buttons and mostly colors available are black, grey, navy or green.

Jacobi waistcoats, these can have three, four or five silver buttons with elongated shoulders and is worn open.

In Waistcoat Fashion Formal waistcoat, normally comes with three small buttons that are positioned close together around the midriff and mostly is available in either black or white.

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