Best ties for men to tie a woman

 Best ties for men to tie a woman

Best Ties for Men:

Best Neck ties for Men Tie a Knot

Keep in mind the neckties for men, as tying a woman with the knot of their love is a piece of cake for many men, but some find it difficult to attract a woman. But worry not because the idea is very easy; all you need is to know the internal tactics to play with woman’s psyche and tie her heart with the knot of your love and before that you must know about which ties for men are best to tie a woman.  Read on to know the golden rules and best knots to winning the heart of any woman you want.

Golden Rules on Ties for Men:

Tie a Display Maturity

Ties for men play vital role in attracting rather making tie a woman in love. It is always said that women grow mature earlier than men, and they don’t really like a man, who is confuse and messed up in his life. Women are attracted to mature, responsible men, who are serious about their life and career and so is about mature choice of men’s neckties. So if you are thinking to tie a girl with that 17-year-old-boy attitude, they’ll really treat you like one confuse little teenage boy that, I am sure, you never want! Tia a Display Maturity with a perfect summer shirt!

Tie a Self Respect

Men who make girls fall for them, have complete beliefs on them and choose best ties for themselves. Never lose your self-respect and dignity, just to please the opposite sex. As far as you know good manners, you really don’t have to do something that demoralizes your self-respect, solely to please your woman, or she’ll walk over you. To win a woman’s heart, maintain your dignity and self respect in front of her and other people. Red ties for men mostly grab attention of beautiful ladies, as the emerging fashion is Red for Men.

Tia a Challenge

Now this is the tricky part. In order to tie a girl, you have to be a challenge for her and give her highs and lows of emotional roller coaster ride to keep her hooked. They say the more you interact with someone, the more they tend to like you. Beginning is the time, when you have to be there for them any time to talk to and share things or simply hang around, but sooner you realize they like your company, become less available and make them realize your worth. This is called the law of scarcity, and this law creates flames of burning love in women’s heart and mind. So tie her mind and soul both by being a challenge. Get one step closer, get two steps back, then get closer, then resist and see the flames burning!

Tia an Eye Contact

They say we can’t force someone to fall in love with us, but this little trick can literally work magics! All you have to do is ‘look into her eyes’ while talking and this little act will release PEA into her bloodstream. According to a scientific research by Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin, PEA is a chemical, which makes us feel ‘being in love’ and maintaining strong eye contact stimulates the production of PEA. Hence, it is exactly like forcing someone to fall in love with you.

Tia a knot to Be a Rock

Just like women are strongly attracted to tall, dark, masculine and handsome men, similarly, they are also attracted to internally strong men, who can provide them a shoulder to cry on, in their sad times. However, this doesn’t mean, you start behaving cold and emotionless. By being a rock means strong man, who can support and provide emotional lift in times of need. So leave your fears and weaknesses for Dr. Phill and show your woman, you are a personification of strength.

Tie a Personal Hygiene

Women definitely notice the qualities that turn them off the most about a man.  Know when it’s time for a real haircut and beard trim. Keep your teeth brushed and your breath fresh.  A pedicure may sound ridiculous to most men, but women do pay attention to a man’s hands and nails.  Masculine cologne is a never-miss thing, but don’t overdo it.  Nothing replaces a thorough shower before an event.

Once I read Rules on Ties for Men:

By acting upon these Rules on Ties for Men, you can surely tie any woman of your dreams with the knot of your love, provided she is single.

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