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10 Fashion Style Chart Every Man should Know

Button Rule

A changing men style guide is a best way to follow for the guys who want to look best amongst the others. Guys want to look super hot and the way to look the same they must follow a complete Men style guide to embrace their handsomeness.

So you can look like the super-hot dude you were meant to be.

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1. Types of Cuts :

British-, and European-cut suits

  • First of all, you need to know the variety of fabrics available for a dress up namely Twill, Houndstooth, Herringbone, Glenurquhart, Windowpane check and Pinstripe.
  • Each cut has a different waist, vents, pockets, shoulder detailing.
  •  In American Cut, the waist should be straight, with single center vent in the jacket, flap pockets, natural shoulders.
  • In British Cut, the waist should be slightly pinched, with double vens, flap pockets and padded shoulders. This style is really classic.
  • The last cut is a European Italian Cut, the waist should be Tapered with no, flap pockets, padded shoulders to have an overall sleek and modern look.

2. The 3 Button Rule:

Button Rule

  • You may sometimes tie the top button and always follow to tie the middle coat button, but be careful never tie the last button.

3. Shirt & Tie Combos:

pattern combos

  • So do you want to try the safe combinations? if yes, the we have a not to fail proof to start with. First select the color of your shirt and the pattern it has, the next step is to select a toe in accordance to that.

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The safe combinations are as follow:

  • With a Gingham Check Shirt always go for a Plaid Slub Tie or a Boarding Stripe Tie.
  • With a Nengal Stripe Shirt it is recommended to wear a Twill Stripe Tie, whereas with a Stripe Shirt the Heraldic club tie suits the best.
  • The second most important rule is that “Your tie and collar should be in proportion; however, the large pattern shirts should be coupled with smaller ones to appear visually complimented.
  • You may also wear some cool graphics to sharpen your look.

4. Avoid Risky Combinations:

Risky Combinations

  • Avoid to wear Madras check shirt camo tie
  • Avoid to wear Pop Dot shirt with Plaid Tie
  • Avoid to wear Madras Check shirt with Broad-Striped tie
  • Avoid to wear Awning Madras Check shirt with Broad-Striped tie.

5. Pick up the Best Shoes :

Best Shoes

  • Once you get done with your suit selection , the next most essential item to be added are shoes.
  • With Cinza Claro, grey color suit it is recommended to wear black, dark brown and camel color dress boots.
  • With Branco, ash white color suit it is recommended to wear black, dark brown, white, dusky brown and camel color dress boots.
  • With Champagne, beige color suit it is recommended to wear the brown shades, if want to look different then you may opt for Grey leather ones.

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  • With Azul Indigo, beige color suit it is recommended to wear the brown shades, if want to look different then you may opt for Grey leather ones.
  • With Caqui, darker beige color suit it is recommended to wear the brown shades, grey and black dress boots.
  • For charcoal grey and safari colors, it is recommended to wear all possible brown shades and black dress boots.

6.Best Suit Fittings:

Best Suit Fittings

  • Your shoulder should be just Right being not so big and small, but be in the middle.
  • Wear the pants that shouldn’t be so tight or loose but centrally aligned with the hips.
  • The jacket closure should be aligned centrally with a top button closed.

7. Dress Pant length:

Dress Pant length

Yes there are many men who simply ignore this style fact and wear either too long pants or simple above ankle. Ahh. Please guys take great care of this; it will make it or break your entire look. There are normally four breaks in a dress pants, full break, half break, quarter break or no break. It depends upon your options though which break you are interested to opt , but normally it is requested o go for quarter break.

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8. Follow the color wardrobe guide:

Follow the color

There are many colors propelled in your mind , what to wear with which color. Don’t you worry we have a complete color wardrobe guide for Men with whom they can pair the matching and contrasting colors. The guide is as follows:

[contentblock id=3 img=gcb.png]

9. Cuff Your Sleeves the Way it should:

Cuff Your Sleeves

  • It is equally important to know how to cuff your sleeves, 3 basic ways includes:
  • Simply, open the cuff button.
  • Roll up the cuff till your elbows , like a quarter sleeve
  • Roll up the cuffs and make multi rollup layers above the elbow.

10. Follow the style Man :

style Man

Looking for a simple way not to muck it up? May we suggest:

  • Wear fitted jeans instead of bell bottom
  • Wear casual pants instead of loose trouser
  • Wear sweat shirts instead hoodies
  • Wear going out smart shirts instead open button formal shirts.
  • Wear collared shirts instead v open colors.
  • Wear T- shirts instead crew shirts.

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