Crop-up those hairs 2010’s here!

 Crop-up those hairs 2010’s here!
crop up those hairs 2010s hereA style-guide to the in vogue haircuts of 2010 for men. Choose from any style and look hot this summer.

It seems we are recycling men’s fashion trends like everything else. From the suits to the boots and now men’s hair styles every trend in 2010 has emerged from old times. Well its also true that fashion is like history it repeats itself. So today we talk about men’s hairstyles in 2010 as seen on international runways. This year’s the look ranges from rock-star’s rugged hairstyle to George Clooney’s sleek hairstyle.

  • Look Rugged: The rugged hairstyle with fringes is modish this year in men’s hairstyles trends. I am personally a big fan of those loads of messed up hair on the head. It can be styled up with eye-brow length bangs and you can always apply some gel to get them jagged at the right places.
  • Fringes with more inches: Fringes are still hot in men’s hairstyles 2010 as they were last year but as already mentioned fashion is being recycled fringes can now be cut in variety of ways. You can go for a cropped fringe to eye-brow length fringes and choose the right ones according to your face-cut. Layering and the right length is the key in fringes this year as seen on Burberry Prorsum’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2009.
  • Slick back hair is back: The classic look for men’s hairstyle in 2010 is inspired from George Clooney is Slick back with short hair on the side. If you have wavy hair you can go for shorter length on top and give them a slick back look. You can either part your hair or not depending on your choice as both are in vogue this year in men’s hairstyles 2010. Also when deciding which side to part from look for the one suiting your face-cut. In addition to that you can always give those hair a classic wet look like old times.
  • The Classic Part: You can opt for a side sweep or a slick back look with classic parting like seen on Prince Edward. As already mentioned classy look is back this year in men’s summer fashion trends 2010 even when you look at the suits worn in international fashion shows. So when going for the classic part look at the pictures of Cary Grant and you can know more about this classic look in detail.
  • Short-Hair cuts for men: Short haircuts are quite trendy in men’s hairstlyles 2010 here you can find some short haircuts for men.
  • Buzz cuts: Men’s short hairstyles are also seen on the international fashion weeks this year with buzz cut being quite popular among celebrities like British Formula 1 Racing Superstar Lewis Hamilton. This look can be easily adapted by using a razor and cropping up hair to less than half an inch. Just remember to keep your side-burns in good shape when going for this hairstyle.
  • Burr haircuts: As short hair cuts for men are most popular this year you can go for the burr cut which is closely related to the buzz cut and is closely cropped, but not necessarily as short as a buzz cut. It offers the same low maintenance but professional look for any wedding day.
  • Short Back and Sides: Short sides with short back and long hair on the top prominent this in men’s hairstyle in 2010.

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