“I’m sorry Catherine’s not here” Prince William issues apology for Princess of Wales missing beloved event


At the prestigious EE Film Awards held this year, Prince William, who has been the esteemed President of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) since 2010, graced the event with his presence, albeit without his usual companion, the Princess of Wales.

During a notable interaction with Elaine Bedell, the CEO of the Southbank Centre, the Prince took a moment to express his regret over Catherine’s absence from the event, candidly stating, “I’m sorry Catherine’s not here. She does love the BAFTAs,” which highlighted the Princess’s fondness for the esteemed film awards.

Despite his significant role and long-standing association with the BAFTAs, Prince William shared a personal tidbit about his cinematic experiences over the past year, revealing that it marked a period where he engaged with “the fewest” number of films in his memory. He attributed this decline in movie-watching to the myriad of other responsibilities and concerns occupying his mind, showcasing a relatable side to his royal duties, as par reports People Magazine.

Further delving into his personal life during his conversation with Bedell, Prince William disclosed that his film-viewing experiences are shared ones, as Catherine accompanies him in watching all the films he views, underscoring the shared interests and moments in their private life.

Prince William apologized for his wife’s absence at this year’s awards. “I’m sorry Catherine’s not here. She does love the BAFTAs,” he said.

“I remember last year about the films that you’d watched,” Bedell replied.

“All the ones I watch, she watches with me. So we go through it carefully,” William shared.

The previous year saw Prince William attending the BAFTA awards with the Princess of Wales by his side, making this year’s solo appearance on the red carpet a notable deviation. The Prince was seated next to the acclaimed actress and Earthshot Prize Council member Cate Blanchett during the ceremony, marking his presence in the absence of his wife.

Speculation and concern over the Princess of Wales’ health have been circulating, especially following her recent abdominal surgery. The situation has led to a temporary step back from public engagements, with Kensington Palace announcing that she is unlikely to resume her public duties until after the Easter holidays, following her discharge from the hospital in late January. This update has prompted well-wishers and followers of the royal family to extend their support and understanding during this period of recovery and rest for the Princess.

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