Prince Harry Worried About ‘Significant Security Threat’ Following Leakage of His UK Return Date

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The accidental disclosure of Prince Harry’s scheduled appearance at the 10th Anniversary Service of the Invictus Games at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8 has sparked security concerns, casting doubt on his participation in the event. Insiders speaking to the Daily Express revealed that there had been a concerted effort by Prince Harry’s team to keep the details of his visit under wraps due to apprehensions regarding his safety in the UK.

The concern stems from the sensitive revelations made by Prince Harry in his memoir, “Spare,” particularly his account of his military service in Afghanistan and his claim of having killed 25 Taliban fighters. These disclosures have heightened the security risks associated with his public appearances in the UK.

“Given the sensitive nature of the information shared in his memoir, Harry and his team have been particularly cautious about his public engagements in the UK, preferring to announce his attendance at events at the last minute to mitigate security risks,” a source explained.

The decision by St. Paul’s Cathedral to publicly list the details of the service on its website, well in advance, has been deemed a significant security lapse. Prince Harry’s recent legal battle over his security arrangements in the UK further complicates the situation. Harry challenged the government’s decision to downgrade his security detail following his step back from royal duties, arguing that the threat level he faces remains unchanged.

Despite losing the initial challenge, Harry is determined to appeal the decision, emphasizing his desire to ensure a safe environment for his visits to the UK, especially when accompanied by his family. The premature release of the service details on the cathedral’s website has only added to Prince Harry’s concerns about his safety while in the UK.

The Invictus Games Anniversary Service, although a ticketed event with controlled access, was inadvertently listed in the cathedral’s service schedule, making the information accessible to the public. This breach of confidentiality has reportedly caused considerable distress to Prince Harry, who is already navigating the complexities of his security arrangements.

The cathedral’s practice of publishing its service schedules in advance is standard, but the inclusion of such a high-profile event without a corresponding public announcement has been unusual and problematic in this context. As the situation unfolds, Prince Harry’s representatives have yet to comment on the matter, leaving many to speculate about the potential impact of this oversight on his attendance at the commemorative service.

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