Meghan Markle’s ‘Major Condition’ for Returning to the UK: Royal Expert Reveals

 Meghan Markle’s ‘Major Condition’ for Returning to the UK: Royal Expert Reveals

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Meghan Markle has laid out a significant condition for her potential return to the United Kingdom with Prince Harry, according to an expert. After stepping down from their royal duties, Meghan and Harry relocated to Montecito in 2020. Now, if Meghan and their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, are to return to the U.K., they’ll need their own residence and proper security arrangements.

Royal author Tom Quinn told The Mirror: “Meghan has said she’s only prepared to return to England if she and Harry have a place of their own and the security they both feel is essential. Meghan will never return to the UK and stay with her husband‘s relatives.”

“If the couple manage to find a permanent home and sort out the security issue they will certainly want to bring their children to the UK but it’s going to take a lot of diplomacy to get to the point where Archie and Lili are able to develop a genuine and warm relationship with their cousins George, Charlotte and Louis,” he explained.

Following their departure from senior royal roles, Prince Harry’s security was downgraded by the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (Ravec). Since then, Harry has been engaged in a legal battle with the Home Office to restore his security detail to the same level as other royals. Although he initially lost the case, he has been granted the right to appeal the decision.

The expert noted that Meghan’s primary concern is the safety and well-being of her family. Ensuring they have a secure environment and a private residence is crucial for any future visits or moves back to the U.K. This stipulation reflects Meghan’s ongoing commitment to protecting her family while navigating the complexities of royal life and public scrutiny.

As Prince Harry continues his legal fight for enhanced security, the couple’s potential return to the U.K. hinges on meeting these essential conditions. The outcome of Harry’s appeal will likely play a significant role in their decision-making process regarding future visits or a possible relocation.

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