Prince Harry issues serious warning after making damaging claims against the royal family

 Prince Harry issues serious warning after making damaging claims against the royal family


Prince Harry has come under intense scrutiny following his admissions of past drug use in his memoir Spare, which may now have significant legal implications regarding his US residency status. A royal expert has issued a stark warning, suggesting that the Duke of Sussex could face severe consequences if it is found he misrepresented his drug use on his visa application.

In his memoir, the 39-year-old Duke revealed that he had used substances such as cocaine, weed, and magic mushrooms. However, it is believed that he may have omitted this information from his US residency documents, potentially violating US federal law. The Heritage Foundation, a think tank, has highlighted that such an omission could lead to Harry losing his immigration status, which would have profound personal and financial implications, including possibly being forced to leave his and Meghan Markle’s £12 million Montecito mansion.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun it’s a very “embarrassing” situation for both Harry and Meghan, regardless of whether the Prince has been truthful or not.

He said: “The fact of the matter is that it will be very embarrassing, or may be very embarrassing. “Harry may have included drug use on his application form. If he hasn’t, it will unquestionably make headlines, and that will not be beneficial so far as the Sussexes are concerned. “I don’t think Harry would have written his memoir Spare now, because there’s evidence that the Sussexes have, in fact, beefed up the communications team.”

He said: “What we are facing, however, is a possibility of very considerable embarrassment for the Sussexes, that they’re made to look foolish, and the reasons for this, of course, are the attacks they’ve launched on the Royal family. “And the fact that if you attack an institution, supporters of that institution, or those who believe that you’ve been very unwise and very foolish, believe that there are double standards.”

The situation has escalated as Harry anxiously awaits a judge’s decision regarding the release of details from his visa application. This development follows efforts by the Duke to prevent these details from becoming public after the case was brought forward by the think tank.

Further complicating matters, lawyers representing the US government have argued that the prince’s drug admissions in his book do not constitute proof that he actually consumed them. This legal stance introduces an element of doubt into the proceedings but does not necessarily mitigate the potential risks to Harry’s residency status.

Amidst these legal battles, Richard, a royal commentator, noted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have exposed themselves to criticism of a “double standard.” The couple has made numerous damaging claims against the Royal Family over the years, which, according to Richard, could reflect poorly on them in light of their current predicaments.

As the case unfolds, the implications for Prince Harry are not merely legal but also deeply personal, touching on his credibility and the life he has built with his family in the United States. The outcome of this case could significantly impact his future, making this a critical juncture for the Duke of Sussex.

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