Meghan Markle Striding Away from Prince Harry and Throwing Signs, Says Body Language Expert

 Meghan Markle Striding Away from Prince Harry and Throwing Signs, Says Body Language Expert

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Meghan Markle has recently been observed distancing herself from Prince Harry immediately upon their return to the United States. Body language expert Judi James offered insights into this change during a recent interview with The Mirror. James highlighted a noticeable shift in Meghan’s overall demeanor since they landed in the US.

For those who may not be familiar with the situation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared inseparable during their visit to Nigeria. Meghan was even photographed seemingly ‘dragging’ Harry away during an official engagement at a school. The couple seemed closely bonded throughout their time in Nigeria, presenting a united front during their quasi-royal tour.

In the eyes of Ms James, “Harry’s shoulders look slumped and he walks alone, wearing what looks like a mouth clamp gesture. Meghan looks much more like the one taking care of business.”

“In Nigeria the couple were perma-linked, walking hand in hand and side by side, but here she strides off, ahead to climb into the car while Harry packs his bag in the boot, with her phone held aloft as though taking a call.”

However, since their return to the US, Meghan’s behavior has notably changed. She has been seen ‘striding off’ from Prince Harry, a stark contrast to their previously inseparable appearances. This change in body language has raised questions about the dynamics of their relationship.

During their time in Nigeria, Meghan and Harry were constantly together, participating in various engagements and events. They were seen interacting with locals, attending official functions, and showcasing a strong partnership. Their unity during this tour was evident, making Meghan’s recent behavior in the US all the more surprising.

Judi James noted that Meghan’s body language upon returning to the US suggests a shift in her priorities or perhaps a desire for more independence. While in Nigeria, she was seen as actively engaging with the community and supporting Harry during their official duties. Now, her more detached demeanor could indicate a need for personal space or a change in her approach to public appearances with Harry.

This shift has led to speculation about the couple’s relationship and how they navigate their roles and responsibilities both together and individually. Meghan’s apparent desire to stride off on her own might be seen as an assertion of her independence or a response to the different environment they are in compared to their time in Nigeria.

The contrasting behaviors between their time in Nigeria and their return to the US highlight the complexities of their public and private lives. Meghan’s need to maintain her individuality while being part of a high-profile couple is a delicate balance, especially given the intense public scrutiny they face.

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to navigate their lives in the public eye, their evolving body language and interactions will likely remain a topic of interest and analysis. Judi James’ observations provide a glimpse into the subtle dynamics at play, offering insights into how Meghan and Harry manage their relationship amidst the pressures of their unique circumstances.

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