Meghan Markle breaks free from royal control in hunt for ‘superstar’ life, Says Expert

 Meghan Markle breaks free from royal control in hunt for ‘superstar’ life, Says Expert

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Meghan Markle’s aspiration to be a ‘superstar’ influenced her and Prince Harry’s approach to royal life, differing significantly from the quieter, non-royal lives led by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, according to a royal expert. Unlike the Princesses, who have managed to carve out private careers while occasionally participating in royal events, Meghan sought a more prominent public role.

Meghan and Harry’s desire to be “half-in, half-out” members of the Royal Family — maintaining their royal status while building independent careers — was a central aspect of their plan after their wedding. However, this proposal was ultimately rejected by Queen Elizabeth, leading to the couple’s decision to step down from their senior royal roles in 2020, told Daily Express.

Speaking of the claims, royal commentator Jane Barr wrote in the From Berkshire to Buckingham newsletter that the Duchess of Sussex “would not have been happy with the ultimately quiet or truly independent/non-royal lives that William and Harry’s cousins actually live.”

She explained, “Looking back to Megxit, Harry was not just the grandson of the Queen, the same relationship all his cousins had to the sovereign, he was the son of the future King.” Jane added, “The second difference is what Harry and Meghan sought, which did not resemble any of their family members’ situations.”

The expert said that Beatrice and Eugenie “hold down regular jobs,” and not “glitzy high-dollar partnerships with behemoth entertainment corporations.” On the other hand, “Meghan wanted to take her HRH and her title and be a superstar in her own sphere on the international stage, wholly separate from the control of the Crown.”

This decision to step down has been a point of contention and debate among observers and fans of the royal family. Supporters of Harry and Meghan in California and globally have often argued that the couple’s desire for independence was unfairly rebuffed, especially when compared to the freedoms enjoyed by Beatrice and Eugenie.

These Princesses have been allowed to pursue their own professional paths with far less scrutiny and obligation to royal duties. The expert’s claim suggests that Meghan’s ambitions went beyond merely seeking independence; she aimed for a level of fame and influence that was incompatible with the more subdued roles typically expected of royals who are not direct heirs to the throne.

This intention set her on a collision course with the royal establishment’s expectations and traditions, culminating in the dramatic and much-publicized departure of the couple from the UK. This narrative continues to fuel discussions about the balance of duty and personal freedom within the Royal Family and the evolving role of the monarchy in modern society. As Meghan and Harry continue to establish their new lives in the United States, the debate over their royal exit remains a poignant topic among royal watchers and the public alike.

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