King Charles makes a major decision as Kate Middleton pulls out of the Trooping the Colours rehearsal, Royal expert

 King Charles makes a major decision as Kate Middleton pulls out of the Trooping the Colours rehearsal, Royal expert


King Charles is steadfast in his commitment to attend the Trooping the Colour ceremony, despite his ongoing battle with cancer. However, Kate Middleton will not be participating in the Colonel’s Review, the traditional rehearsal on June 8, due to her own health challenges.

Royal expert Richard Palmer relayed a statement from Buckingham Palace confirming King Charles’ attendance at the main event scheduled for June 15. This comes after last year’s milestone where King Charles was the first monarch to ride horseback at the event since Queen Elizabeth II in 1986, marking a significant moment in the ceremony’s history.

He tweeted, “The King will participate in this year’s birthday parade – known as Trooping the Colour – but will travel via carriage instead of horseback, it has been confirmed by Buckingham Palace.”

Trooping the Colour, which has been a grand celebration of the Sovereign’s official birthday for 260 years, will proceed as usual, even amidst the political backdrop of the upcoming general election. The event is a cornerstone of British royal traditions, showcasing the pomp and circumstance associated with the monarchy.

The uncertainty surrounding Kate Middleton’s participation in the main event remains as she continues to undergo chemotherapy following her cancer diagnosis. Her health situation necessitates stepping back from some of her royal duties during her treatment.

In her absence, Lieutenant General James Bucknall, former commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, will assume her responsibilities at the Colonel’s Review. Traditionally, this honour would have been Kate’s as Colonel of the Irish Guards, reflecting her prominent role within the military affiliations of the royal family.

This year’s Trooping the Colour will undoubtedly be underscored by the personal challenges faced by key members of the royal family, highlighting their determination to uphold royal duties amidst personal health battles. As the nation looks towards the ceremony, the resilience of the monarchy will be on full display, balancing the continuation of tradition with the very human challenges faced by its leaders.

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