Princess Kate’s major health update torn apart by social media trolls

 Princess Kate’s major health update torn apart by social media trolls


Kate Middleton recently provided a health update that has come under scrutiny online due to an alleged grammatical error. The Princess of Wales bravely addressed royal watchers on Friday, sharing news about her recovery from an undisclosed form of cancer.

In her detailed statement, Kate also confirmed her participation in the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which took place the following day. Despite the gravity of her message, some internet users fixated on a perceived grammatical mistake, sparking debate on social media.

According to YouGov, a global research company, Kate received slack for using “William and me” instead of “William and I” in the sentence “It really has made the world of difference to William and me and has helped us both through some of the harder times” in the statement. The renowned ranking website in Britain ended up doing a poll in a bid to get a verdict, which yielded the following results among 6097 GB adults.

However, royal author Richard Palmer expressed disappointment at the Briton’s lack of knowledge about the right usage of words, taking to X, formerly Twitter, to weigh in on the results.“I’ve heard William and Harry use “and I” incorrectly before in speeches but Kate was right on this occasion,” he affirmed.

“The secret is surely just to use the I or me on its own. ‘It really has made the world of difference to I’ is obviously wrong to anyone whose mother tongue is English,” the royal expert added.

Nevertheless, Princess Kate seemed to address her critics directly with a striking appearance at King Charles’ official birthday parade over the weekend. Her presence at the event served as a powerful response to trolls who had speculated about her extended absence from the public eye. Kate’s statement and subsequent public appearance highlight her resilience and dedication to her royal duties, even in the face of personal health challenges and public scrutiny.

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