It’s not Prince William, but Kate Middleton has a “shoulder to cry on” and “relies on him.”

 It’s not Prince William, but Kate Middleton has a “shoulder to cry on” and “relies on him.”


Kate Middleton, at 42, maintains a deep bond with her brother, James Middleton, who has often shared how his sisters, Kate and Pippa, played crucial roles in supporting him through his struggles with depression. The relationship between the siblings illustrates a steadfast connection that transcends Kate’s royal status.

Kate Middleton has found herself a source of support amid her cancer fight – and it’s not Prince William. Kate, who revealed her cancer battle last month, has a “strong shoulder to cry on” and relies on him “in times of strife,” it has been claimed.

James Middleton has openly expressed his gratitude for his sisters’ support on social media platforms. In a heartfelt Instagram post, he acknowledged the collective strength of their relationship by saying, “Over the years, we have climbed many mountains together. As a family, we will climb this one with you too.” This statement reflects the unwavering support the siblings offer each other, regardless of the challenges they face, reported Birmingham Live.

In an Instagram post, he gushed: “Over the years, we have climbed many mountains together. As a family, we will climb this one with you too.” Royal biographer Claudia Josephs told Fabulous: “The Middleton family has always been an extremely close-knit clan and they always turn to each other for support both in times of celebration and in strife.

“They had an idyllic childhood, playing sports together, baking cakes, and sliding down the stairs on a tray. And, since the Wales’s moved to Adelaide Cottage, in Windsor Home Park, they have become even closer.” She continued: “Certainly, it was to the sanctuary of their childhood home that Kate fled when she broke up with William in 2007.

“Both her siblings were at home that weekend – it was James’s 20th birthday on the Sunday – and the family rallied around. James then drove Kate back to London to pick up a tennis racquet from her flat and paperwork from her office before she retreated to her parents’ home.”

Royal biographer Claudia Josephs has remarked on the closeness of the Middleton family, noting that their bonds are a mixture of affection and mutual reliance, which persists through both joyful occasions and difficult times. According to Josephs, the Middleton family’s unity is a significant aspect of their identity, drawing them together in both private and public moments.

The royal wedding of Kate Middleton served as a striking example of the family’s internal support system. During the event, James, despite his dyslexia, undertook the task of delivering a reading in front of an international audience of two billion people. His determination to support his sister on her special day was evident as he went to great lengths to ensure his performance was flawless. He meticulously retyped his reading phonetically to aid his memorization and delivery, demonstrating his commitment to contributing positively to the ceremony.

The bond between Kate and her brother James is not just a testament to their personal closeness but also highlights the Middleton family’s approach to handling life’s various phases, be it personal battles or public engagements. This relationship provides Kate with a reliable and comforting presence outside of her immediate royal circle, emphasizing the importance of familial ties even in the face of public duties and royal expectations.

“’At the end of the day, whether it was a little church or Westminster Abbey didn’t matter,’ he said at the time. ‘It was me, as a brother, doing a reading for my sister and her husband at their wedding and I wanted to do it right.’”

The relationship between the siblings is emblematic of a nurturing environment that values strong family connections, emotional support, and collective resilience. For Kate, James is more than just a brother; he is a vital source of comfort and reliance, showcasing the enduring strength of familial bonds amidst the complexities of royal life. This dynamic offers insight into how Kate navigates her roles both within and beyond the royal framework, relying on the foundational support system her family provides.

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