‘Ace Up Their Sleeves’ Prince Harry’s ‘self-serving’ in trouble as government to step in

 ‘Ace Up Their Sleeves’ Prince Harry’s ‘self-serving’ in trouble as government to step in

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In a recent interview with Express UK, Tom Sykes, the royal editor for The Daily Beast, shared insights into the potential challenges Prince Harry might face from the British Royal Family and possibly the government. According to Sykes, the Royal Family may still have significant means at their disposal to influence or curb Prince Harry’s initiatives, which he described as self-serving.

Sykes suggested that the Royal Family is not yet out of options when it comes to managing the actions and potential impact of Prince Harry, especially regarding his recent endeavors that appear to be at odds with the traditional Royal protocols. “The British Royal Family reportedly still has one last way to put a stop to it all, and that would be to employ the government,” he noted, indicating a possible escalation in the measures they might take.

The editor of the Daily Beast began by referring to the couples’ “self-serving” foreign tours and said, “Everywhere they went in Nigeria they were greeted as royalty.” According to Mr Skyes, “The royals can’t stop them doing more tours, but the government might seek to apply serious diplomatic pressure on friendly states not to host these quasi-royal tours.” Before concluding he also noted the importance of all of this and admitted, “Harry and Meghan are effectively declaring that they will continue to leverage their royal status.”

This comment points to an undercurrent of tension between Prince Harry and the Royal Family, highlighting the complexity of his relationship with the institution following his departure from official Royal duties and his move to the United States. The suggestion that the government could be involved in this matter underscores the depth of resources that could potentially be leveraged against Prince Harry’s actions, which have increasingly placed him in the public and media spotlight.

These developments come amid ongoing scrutiny and public interest in the dynamics within the British Royal Family, particularly following Prince Harry’s various public statements and projects that have often critiqued or distanced him from his royal roots. Sykes’ observations reflect broader speculations and concerns about how these familial and institutional tensions might unfold in the future.

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