Prince Harry’s Confrontation with Prince William Baffled Diana

Prince William
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Prince William and Prince Harry, once inseparable, now seem to be drifting apart. Although sibling disagreements are natural, the rift between the two seems more pronounced. Both princes were always conscious of their distinct destinies: William being a direct heir to the crown and Harry, with time, moving down the line of succession.

In a revealing anecdote, Ken Wharfe, a former royal protection officer, recalls an incident when Harry was just four. On a trip to Gloucestershire, amidst an argument, Harry told William, “One day you’ll be king, I won’t, so I can do what I like.” The comment, unexpected at such a young age, left their mother, Princess Diana, baffled.

According to the Mirror, Fast-forwarding three decades, the roles have crystallized. William and Kate Middleton bear the titles Prince and Princess of Wales, with William being the direct successor to the throne. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step back from royal duties and establish their lives in the U.S.

The bond between the brothers remains cold. Fueling this rift is Harry’s collaboration with Netflix, which Prince William perceives as exploiting the royal family. Netflix’s controversial docuseries, produced by Harry and Meghan, has been critical of the royals. Additionally, the streaming service’s popular show “The Crown” has been contentious for its portrayal of royal events and is set to air its final series soon. The upcoming episodes are rumored to depict Princess Diana as a ghost, potentially causing distress to her family.

A source confided to The Daily Beast about Prince William’s displeasure with Harry’s Netflix association, saying William finds it painful to witness his mother’s portrayal in a repetitive and sensationalized manner. The source said, “William won’t watch it but will undoubtedly be distressed by it.”

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