Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘may move to Canada’ amid US visa complications

Prince Harry
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Michael Cole, a former Royal Correspondent, has shed light on a scenario that could see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle considering a return to Canada. This speculation arises amid concerns about Prince Harry’s visa status in the United States.

Cole emphasized the stringent nature of U.S. immigration policies, suggesting that any discrepancies or falsehoods on Prince Harry’s visa application could lead to severe consequences, including the potential revocation of his visa and a prompt request to exit the U.S.

Michael Cole explained: “In those forms, there is a loaded question which has to be ticked yes or no, which says ‘have you used drugs or illegal drugs’, or ‘have you ever used illegal drugs or are you a drug addict’?

“Now if he has ticked that to say no, there is contradictory evidence, circumstantial evidence, strong evidence in his book Spare which is littered with references to him smoking weed, cannabis, taking cocaine which he said he didn’t like, and ingesting a magic mushrooms.”

Cole told GB News: “So of course an admission in a book isn’t sworn evidence, it’s not testimony. But it is fairly strong circumstantial evidence that he took drugs.

The discussion about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s next potential move, should they face immigration issues in America, led Cole to propose Canada as a viable alternative. However, he also noted the potential reluctance of Canadian authorities to shoulder the financial burden associated with the couple’s security needs.

Cole also touched upon the influence of political figures like Donald Trump on the situation, highlighting the stark divide in Trump’s stance towards individuals, categorizing them as either allies or adversaries. According to Cole, being perceived as an opponent by Trump could have significant implications, especially in matters as critical as immigration and residency.

This complex web of personal, legal, and political factors underscores the precariousness of the Sussexes’ situation in the U.S. and hints at the broader implications of their international status and relationships.

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