Prince Harry ignores King Charles’s health with hurtful snub – expert

 Prince Harry ignores King Charles’s health with hurtful snub – expert

(Reuters: Toby Melville)

Recent remarks by Prince Harry regarding his father, King Charles, being “too busy” to meet him during his last visit to the UK have been described as “unnecessary and hurtful,” especially given the King’s ongoing health challenges. Royal expert and biographer Ingrid Seward shared her insights on the situation, highlighting the tension within the royal family.

Prince Harry was in the UK last month to attend a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Invictus Games. Despite the public’s anticipation of a possible reunion between Harry and his father, it was quickly noted that no such meeting would occur. Initially, a spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex cited the monarch’s busy schedule as the reason for the lack of interaction.

She told the Mirror: “Harry’s unpredictable behaviour is hurtful to his father. Even if he were too busy to see Harry – and that is quite possible – to issue an announcement to this effect is unnecessary and benefits no one. This is especially the case when his father is still undergoing cancer treatment and could well be very tired and emotionally fragile. “When Prince Harry turned down his father’s offer to stay at a royal residence during his three-day trip to London in May, it was a surprise to the royal household.

“The King was aware Harry had no UK base. He could not fail to be aware Harry was unduly anxious about security. But he was not aware that Harry would issue a statement saying his father was too busy to meet him. It was hurtful and even if true if they had been under the same roof a meeting might have been arranged.

Nothing is ever Harry’s fault. It is either the fault of the British Government or the lack of security afforded him by the Metropolitan Police. They have offered him a ‘bespoke’ arrangement, assessing each visit individually. It’s not good enough for Harry. He had his own arrangement to stay at a luxury private hotel where the entrance and exit are hidden from peering eyes and cameras and even the hotel staff don’t know what VIP guests are staying.”

However, conflicting reports have emerged, suggesting that while King Charles, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment, had extended an invitation to Harry to stay at a royal residence, security concerns prevented Harry from accepting. According to these reports, the Duke chose to stay at a hotel instead because the royal offer did not include provisions for his security.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, commented on the situation, stating that Prince Harry’s comment about his father being too busy was unhelpful to all parties involved. She noted that such public statements could only exacerbate the existing tensions within the royal family.

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