Prince Harry not aware of consequences of Meghan’s acting comeback ‘wants her around’, a royal expert

 Prince Harry not aware of consequences of Meghan’s acting comeback ‘wants her around’, a royal expert

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Speculation about Meghan Markle’s potential return to acting has surfaced once again. The former Suits star left her acting career to join the Royal Family, but now that she and her husband, Prince Harry, are no longer senior working royals, rumors about her comeback have persisted.

Currently, Meghan is focused on her lifestyle brand and Netflix series. However, a royal expert suggests that an acting return could be possible if these other ventures do not succeed. Despite the excitement, the expert notes that re-entering the acting world could be “very difficult” due to the significant changes in the industry since her last role around seven years ago.

Tom Quinn exclusively told the Mirror: “Harry and Meghan have talked about the possibility of Meghan going back into acting if the couple’s commercial ventures fail – but things have moved on since Meghan last acted which might make it very difficult to make a comeback. “On the other hand, there is still Meghan’s fame as a troubled Royal, which might be enough to ensure a starring role in something, but it might be something the senior royals in the UK would dread.”

He continued: “The deeper problem is Meghan doesn’t want to go back to acting. She is in love with the idea of being a superstar entrepreneur. That said, Harry would offer Meghan his full support if she wanted to return to acting but Harry is something of an innocent and doesn’t realize how much Meghan would have to be away filming if she did go back to acting.”

Royal commentator Tom Quinn remarked that any return to acting would require a substantial commitment from both Meghan and Harry. He claimed that Harry “relies on having Meghan around almost all the time” due to their tight-knit family dynamic. While Meghan continues to explore her current projects, the possibility of an acting comeback remains a topic of interest among fans and royal watchers.

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