What’s Better: Being in a Relationship or Staying Single?

What’s Better: Being in a Relationship or Staying Single?

what’s-better-being-in-a-relationship-or-staying-singleThose scared of being in a relationship must be aware of the drawbacks of being single. So the articles states disadvantages of being single to give a clear picture.

Chris Rock, the comedian, elaborates nicely; those in relationship are bored, and others are single and lonely. Not much is in it to explain, he’s got a clear point; the grass on the other side is always greener. So if you are considering the single life then following is very much for you. The disadvantages of being single may change your mind.

Being lonely: Until and unless you have a very strong network of friends and family, being single is a weird idea because you will be alone and isolated. It’s true that for some people solitude actually works but trust me, it’s only for SOME people (probably you are not one of them). So be very sure of your personality.

Partner: By being single what are you losing? It’s not someone in bed only that you won’t have but also a very special one to share every sort of activity. Mainly people fall in a relationship for a sex partner but they get many other things also, like a shoulder to lean on, a special one to sincerely listen to your problems, opinions, stories, success rather everything.

Left out: it’s not applicable to everyone but those who have their friends in a relationship would have to be very strong. You would hardly see your friends around, plus their lovy dovy things with partners may make you jealous. In such situations hanging out often isn’t possible as your friend has to share time with their partner also. Furthermore it won’t be cool at all on your part if you are just sticking with them while they want some time alone.

Financial issues: well this does not mean that you must be a cheap sort who relies on partner’s money but it feels real good to have someone special to extend you help instead of you asking everyone. like a friend of mine lost his job so he had to vacate the apartment, but his girlfriend (now wife) offered him to move in with her. So she saved his life because if she wasn’t there, he was on streets.

Anyhow there isn’t any hard and fast rule as to what is better, staying single or being in a relationship. But I would always go for a relationship.