Ways to Give Your Woman The Ultimate Love

 Ways to Give Your Woman The Ultimate Love

One of the most pleasuring and stimulating act is to send your woman into orgasmic power ride. However, you might not have any idea how to make that happen. You might not be with your current moves. Maybe you are in a position where you just want to give pleasure to your woman but you can’t just make it happen. Well if that’s the case, then you are at the right spot reading this article. satisfying your woman

Why to please your woman:
Being a man, you must know to please a woman in order to bring her pleasure. You have to have the knowledge and art of touching her, pleasing her, making love to her. And things can get worse if your woman starts faking being in pleasure just to make you happy. In this she will lose interest in you and your relationship will tend to fade. Here are some more ways to give her ultimate pleasure:

What women want?
Always remember one thing that all women want to be pleased. They want a man who can satisfy them in every aspect. Because if you can’t give her what she wants, she is probably going to somewhere else for that.  You need to please her in best way and fast before it gets too late. You have to think of a women body as the most sensitive thing in the world. They want a gentle and lovely touch from you. You must not rush into it rather take your time loving her and listen to her moans. Men’s pleasure is different from women’s. It takes a longer time and a lot of stimulation for women to reach orgasm. You need to kiss her on her sensitive areas of the body to make her hot and wet.

Stimulate the G-spot:
Once you have done with proper and effective stimulation and pleasing process, it’s time for you to get her to the next level of pleasure. You have to reach to her fire button also called G-spot, which is very sensitive. You will have to use your fingers for that purpose. Firstly find her G-spot and then stimulate it. Normally, you will find G-spot 1-3 inches inside the vagina. You have to use your longest finger in order to reach that spot. You will be able to bring her to another immense orgasm.

Coming to the actual Act:
Once you are done giving you girl orgasms twice, now it is time to give her the massive orgasm with your penis. At this point she would be craving for sex. This is the critical stage where she wants to have sex but you have to keep on stimulating the G-spot for a bit more time. This act will make her extremely wet and wild. You can use different positions in order to get maximum penetration. Normally, girl on top position is considered best. You must do this for at least 15minutes and try to penetrate deeply.

Putting into a nut shell, you need to be prepared and creative to please her in different ways. Women should not physically ready but also emotionally motivated to be pleased. You must love her, adore her and make her feel that she is the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world.  Also read here Sex positions that make women Satisfy.

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