The True Test of Friendship

 The True Test of Friendship

It is saying that is true to your work, your word, and your friend. True Friendship is a term with varied meaning mainly relying on the aims and goals of our friendship. Therefore the meaning of true friendship can be different to diversified personnel. In fact the level of true friendship is measured by the consistent, sincere and honest loyalty of those people whom we call our friends.

Testing true friendship may require some unwelcomed and appealing ways such as few discussed below:

Friend asking for a loan

One authentic method of testing friendship could be verified when a friend asks for a loan. Lending big or small bucks can test the so claimed true friendship depending upon if a friend honors his commitment to repay you the amount within the promised limit of time or he delays to an extent of compelling you to implore and beseech for your very own amount.

An undue favor

It is another criterion to test the depth of friendship. If a friend exceeds limits to pull a needy friend from a harsh situation it definitely proves him to be a true friend. Failure to fulfill this need, on the contrary, turns out to be a valid proof of fake friendship.

Honest truth

Honest truth is always absorbed and endured in true friendship. Illusionary praising or boasting a friend in a number of personal qualities is always faked. A friend is pure if he tells or bears a harsh truth about any aspect of his personality. A capability of being honest in friendship is another quality that true friends hold.

Discussion on controversial issues

A discussion on controversial issues like politics and religion can also be a thermometer to check the truth of friendship. If friends can endure the difference of opinion in such delicate issues, it means they are friends in a true sense. A real friendship is never destructed by exceptional philosophies or ideas.

Blind trust

A blind trust is a very important aspect of a true friendship. A true friend must digest our secret without revealing it to the outer world. If a friend fails to keep our secret it means, we must doubt the verity of our friend’s high claimed friendship. If the words uttered by us to our close friend, revolves back to us through other source, it undoubtedly confirms that so called true friendship is fake.

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