8 Fun And Unusual Places To Have Sex That You Might Not Have Tried Before

8 Fun And Unusual Places To Have Sex That You Might Not Have Tried Before

1. Gym locker room

If you workout together then this is a perfect option for the two of you to explore. After a pumped up workout session and sweat-soaking time in the gym, you would surely want to revel, grab hold of each other, strip, and make love! But make sure you are not noisy or else your fellow gym goers will come to know what is going on behind the curtain.

8 Fun And Unusual Places To Have Sex That You Might Not Have Tried Before
8 Fun And Unusual Places To Have Sex That You Might Not Have Tried Before

2. In a motel

It is even better if you want to involve role play like Claire and Phil of Modern Family TV series fame. Act like the two of you are meeting for the first time and make love like it was the last time you were going to. So, roll on the fluffy sheets and enjoy.

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3. Backseat of your car

Are you unable to find a place to get naughty with your love? How about your car’s backseat? We know it is far from being comfortable because of less room space it offers, but wouldn’t you forego such comforts and just enjoy the adrenalin rush? The best bet will be the woman-on-top position. So, drive away and ignite your passions.

4. In the woods

How about going out on a picnic with your partner and getting intimate in the woods. If you are not too intimidated by the idea of making love under the sky, you can have your way inside the tent. Hoot, giggle, jiggle and do all you want. Alternately, you can also try making love on a secluded beach on a starry night!

5. In the library

If you two are absolute nerds, library is the perfect place to be, to turn the pages of your love book and moving on to the next chapter: The fragrance of the books decking the shelves is enough to turn you on. So, on the pretext of doing some research work, lure your partner into heading to the University library to feast on each other. But, remember to maintain ‘silence’.

6. In your train compartment

Another wacky place to indulge in some good sex is the train compartment. The movement of the train will titillate your senses and play a perfect passion playground for you. So, when are you booking your train tickets, or have you booked them already?

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7. In a private swimming pool

A private swimming pool is a great spot to express your amorous desires. But water tends to reduce lubrication and you will have to lube up! Unfortunately, chlorinated water can cause UTIs and yeast infections, but as long as you are taking necessary precautions (both pre and post the act of consummation) a swimming pool is a crazy place to be.

8. On a boat

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! Innocence of this kindergarten rhyme is stolen here because all we are talking about is a couple getting cosy while rowing downstream into a remote area. The sounds water will make when it hits against your boat/yacht will arouse you and make it rather a daring lovemaking excursion under the stars.