4 Ways to Turn Her Down

 4 Ways to Turn Her Down

4 Ways to Turn Her DownIt sounds crazy but there are situations when you really want to turn a woman down. There could be so many reasons for that; you might not like a habit of hers, or you are already interested in someone else, or perhaps you are really serious about your career and can’t afford being interrupted by such kind of issues. Whatever the reason may be, the point is that there should be a way out; something that you can work out to get out of that situation nicely…without making a big mess!

Although, breakups and rejections can be messy and heart breaking for both the parties, but they can be done in such a way that both don’t take it to their hearts and just move on.

So, here are four ways that you can try to turn her down. We are taking four different cases as situations just to give you an idea about how to turn her down politely without hurting the feelings.

• Turning down a co-worker

Take her to have a cup of coffee and start a light conversation explaining that you are really trying to concentrate at your career these days and cannot afford to have a relationship with a co-worker. Explain that this will affect the career of both and will not leave a good impression on the others in the office as well. So, it is a better idea to just forget about it.

• Turning down a friend of a friend

If you want to turn down a friend of a friend then you have to be a little subtle because going wrong in this case might affect your friendship with the common friend. However, turning her down in this case is not that hard. Try seeking help from the common friend. Ask him/her to tell her politely that you are not interested in her. If that fails due to any reason, then try to indulge some white lies. Just tell her very politely that you are kind of interested in someone else and you cannot take up this relationship with her. Be very kind and gentle because you might be seeing her again…thanks to the common friend!

• Turning down a fellow member of a dating site

It is ideal to just ignore her. If you turned her down harshly or got into a relationship and ditched her, then you might get into trouble at some time in the future. If you really got into a serious relationship and she found out about you being in a relationship at a dating site, then you’ll be in trouble.

• Tuning down a close friend

This is the hardest of all the situations. She has been your good friend and you need to turn her down. That’s gross! The best way to carry out this rejection is honesty. Take her out and explain that you cannot be in a relationship with her. Try to second your thoughts by saying that you are only goof friends the way you are right now. Give her some time to recover and through the rejection and try to console her in any way that you can.

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