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10 Guilt’s Every Woman Live With

10 Guilt’s Every Woman Live With

10 Guilt’s Every Woman Live WithA woman is the finest creature of God which has abundant love on one side and on the other side she is very touchy and sensitive. Although, giving all her love and attention she still feels that she lacks to be perfect mother, daughter, sister, wife or any other relation. Women are essentially self-critical, so much so that every imperfect act leads to guilt. According to a latest research, 96.6 % women feel guilty at least once a day.

Guilt can be dangerous as it can easily take you to the depression but it can be overcome easily. Here are 10 guilt’s every woman live with and ways to deal with them too:

1. Quality Time with your Kids:

The biggest guilt of every woman is to think they are not spending enough time with their children. Working women feels that they are not keeping the right balance between their work and children.

Now, how to deal with this guilt is very simple ….. if you believe you can and if don’t you already failed……If you are at work thinking and worrying about your kids, you won’t be able to give the best out of you at your job and the kids aren’t getting anything of it. So,be devoted to where you are, whether at work or with the kids.

2. Weight Guilt

Wight and diet are two important aspects of women’s life. Up to four in ten young girls feel guilty about what they eat and that makes them emotionally upset as half of young girls feel guilty about what they eat. How to deal with it? Simple. Think if you want to look slim and gorgeous, you have to make an effort for it. Take out some time for gym and exercise.

3. Myths

Mostly woman believe that being thinner make you happier. How? As your fat cant melt away your problems. Here, comes the influence of men as they make their wives feel that they don’t have perfect figure or have gain extra pounds. Women are in fact extremely sensitive about their weight and when they pop up a bag of crisp or a bar of chocolate, it makes them fall to their knees in repentance. The easy way is whether you stay on bran or diet charts give yourself a treat every weekend to make feel good of what you doing. Don’t indulge yourself into guilt in fact feel good and be positive.

4. Unsatisfied Partner

Women are enormously responsive as regards to sexual satisfaction. Not only this that they demand to be satisfied, in fact they also wish to satisfy their partners as well. If you get a feeling that you don’t have ability to satisfy your partner, it becomes a big reason for guilt and effects women behavior immensely.

The best way to deal with this guilt is to find out what your partner kinks, fantasies and obsessions are and then try to fulfill them.

5. Single Parent

If you’re a parent, you feel guilty about few things. If you’re a single parent, you may feel guilty about everything. Some of us swim in single parent guilt.

The best way to deal with this guilt is to think that it might be better for your child that he/she is not seeing the fights and all those things that must have destroyed his/her personality for long. Everything happens for a reason and what is done can’t be undone. Better is to deal strongly and fulfill the demands of your kid and fulfill your responsibility rather than thinking and doing nothing for good.

6. Shopaholic /Spending MUCH!!!

Every women loves shopping and most of them are shopaholic which drives them crazy and in the end they feel guilty of spending so much.

The best way to deal with this guilt is to think before you buy something. If it is something you really like or want, buy it and if it’s not then forget about it.

7. Married Life

If you do feel guilty that you’re not doing enough to make your marriage work, then it is suggested that you both sit down and look at your timetables and agree on how you can make more time for each other and how you can solve the problems that are arising and increasing. Discuss it and alter your behaviors, it will make you both happier as a couple.

8. Always Being Late

Women are habitually late always as they spend more time in makeup and choosing right dress for the occasion. Sometimes situations arise which make them late, no matter how well prepared they are, prompts thoughts of guilt and panic.

The best way to deal with is to fight with your bad habits. If it is not your habit and happens sometimes only then better is to use the mean time in doing some other important tasks rather than guilt’s and panic attacks.

9. Good Host

Many women desire to put on the wonderful dinner party or a drinks bash but they often set themselves high standards which they fail to meet. The wish for social brilliance derives from our need to be ideal all the time. The best way to deal with this guilt is to host your party and be a bad party hostess. The moment you accept you can do it, but do it badly, it takes the pressure off.

10. Letting Someone Down

Women are born to please others. They take it as their individual liability to make sure that everyone around them is happy. In situations like this, realizing that they have not been able to live up to someone’s expectation irritate them to no ends.

The best way to deal with this guilt is to think that you cannot please everybody around you. No matter what, it will get off the pressure on you and will make you feel better.

We condemn ourselves continuously, perhaps to prevent more complex emotions. Guilt becomes an idle habit, excessive, self-pitying and even manipulative. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Positivity gives your life right direction and sustainability.

Say good bye to guilt and make yourself guilt free……………….

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