Four Types Of Women To Avoid

 Four Types Of Women To Avoid

four-types-of-women-to-avoidIn the world of relationships and romance, we come across different types of faces with a different story behind each of them, there are those who are right for us, and there definitely are those who are wrong. The best way to begin is to know which one to avoid.

You might be in trouble if your girlfriend is one of these kinds. Read on to know four horrible kinds of women to avoid and stay safe.

Miss Perfect

Miss perfect seems so perfect and why should I avoid her, right? Wrong! Because she is not only miss perfect, she is ‘always miss perfect’ or ‘has to be miss perfect’ This lovely lady can have a host of great qualities, but she has a stubbornness for being correct every time that can turn off any man and can turn any relation into a disaster, that’s why she is one of those kinds to avoid. A little imperfection is always needed to bring that happy spark into relationship.

The Smart-Ass

A hot body is definitely a turn on but a hot mind can be a turn off. The smart ass knows how to shut your mouth with her sarcasm. She is like a sweet knife, which can sweetly hurt your ego. She enjoys asking and answering questions with a tone and an attitude that pushes away the nicest of suitors. Her personality is based on making others feel inferior. So it’s always better to stay away from a smart-ass, who will stab you with honey covered knife.

The Gold Digger

In the process of courting, you will pay for flowers, for movies and dinner for gifts. While you spend with emotions and desire, make sure she is enjoying you rather your money. Gold diggers are heart to judge but as the time pass, she will begin to show her real colors by making you pay for everything including her bills. You can judge her if she boosts of high prices, luxurious high class desserts and restaurants or her dreams of diamond jewelry and expensive gifts.

The crazy psycho

If your girlfriend texts or calls or post on your Facebook wall 10 times a day, then she definitely belongs to this kind. Where she attracts you with passionate personality and amazing sex, she might also become bothersome, insecure and potentially vicious woman who will show no signs of going away. Avoid her for she will amazingly insert herself into your life while shaking all other aspects of your existence.

Women if the right kind can amazingly turn your life into heaven, but if the same creature turns out to be selfish and psycho, she can definitely turn your life into hell. Reconsider your relationship, if you feel you are going on to a wrong track, with dignity and finesse, bid farewell and remove yourself from the situation. Stay safe and stay happy!

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