Dad Faces Backlash Over ‘Unacceptable’ Response to New Baby’s Gender Reveal: ‘The way he Reacted was Horrible’

 Dad Faces Backlash Over ‘Unacceptable’ Response to New Baby’s Gender Reveal: ‘The way he Reacted was Horrible’

A pregnant woman is arguing with her husband because he disapproves of the baby’s gender.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A” forum after fleeing her home to stay with her mother. Her husband always believed their child’s sex was male but the ultrasound proved differently. The husband became furious and insinuated the doctor was wrong. The couple fought when they got home and now the wife is unsure of what to do.

We went for the doctor’s appointment to find out the gender of our baby,” she wrote. “My husband was excited although he repeatedly said he guaranteed it was a boy with no evidence to back it up. Once the doctor said it was a girl, my husband’s face went red. He stared at the doctor then started asking if she was sure 15 times. He asked if she was sure this wasn’t a ‘recording’ footage of her previous patient which made me feel embarrassed bc this was a dumb question. I told him to stop but he started lashing out blatantly saying he wasn’t expecting this and was in fact disappointed with the results.”

When they got home, the husband ran and told his mother.

“I called him childish for immediately calling his mom and getting her to text me,” she explained. “Like it’s my fault. I told him I’m going to stay at my mom’s for two days because this is too much. He asked, ‘how’s it childish for me to call my mom and vent a little but totally okay when you pack to go stay with your mom for two days?’ I was speechless. What response could I possibly have for this?”

Reddit users were left speechless by the husband’s behavior as well.

“His behavior was unacceptable. The way he reacted was horrible,” one user commented.

“He’s throwing a hissy fit and insulting medical professionals because of his own sexism and ignorance,” someone commented.

“This isn’t just ignorance, it’s sexism,” another wrote.

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