“This is the Road to Hell for This Country” Former Prosecutor Weissmann Raises Alarms Over Potential Trump Return

 “This is the Road to Hell for This Country” Former Prosecutor Weissmann Raises Alarms Over Potential Trump Return

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Andrew Weissmann, a former top prosecutor with the Justice Department, recently voiced significant concerns about the implications of a potential second Donald Trump presidency. During an MSNBC interview with Nicolle Wallace, Weissmann reflected on the changes and challenges that could arise if Trump, now more experienced in manipulating governmental powers, were to return to the White House.

Wallace proposed a scenario where Trump could eliminate dissent within his administration more effectively than during his first term. “There wouldn’t be a Jeff Sessions,” she suggested, referencing the former attorney general who recused himself from the Russia investigation and later appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Weissmann concurred, pointing out that early figures like Sessions acted as barriers against Trump’s more extreme demands. He highlighted a particular incident from the Mueller investigation, where Sessions resisted pressure from Trump concerning Hillary Clinton. Weissmann recalled, “At that point, they got rid of him, and Bill Barr was his lackey.

That’s what would be the scope of a Trump 2.0.” He warned that a future Trump administration would likely be devoid of such safeguards, leading to unchecked presidential power. The conversation also touched on the broader implications of such power dynamics on the rule of law in the United States. Weissmann used Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) as an example of a politician who, despite understanding the stakes, remains silent.

“She knows damn well that this is fundamentally inconsistent with what it means to be a democracy under the rule of law, and is not saying anything. That is the road to hell for this country,” he stated emphatically. The interview also discussed the current political climate where the Justice Department is often perceived as a partisan tool, particularly when indictments are brought against political figures like the president’s son.

Wallace expressed concerns that Trump and his supporters might further erode judicial independence, preparing to “take a wrecking ball to what is left of the rule of law.” Weissmann’s forceful critique reflects a broader unease among legal professionals about the potential consequences of Trump’s re-election. His remarks have resonated on social media, with users noting his uncharacteristic urgency and frustration.

A social media post captured the sentiment, highlighting Weissmann’s critique of those in power who fail to defend the rule of law: “Wow, normally mild-mannered Andrew Weissmann is coming unglued about ‘all of the people who know better’ who are not standing up for the rule of law. Attacking Senator Collins saying ‘She is paving the road to hell.’ Said the word damn. Got to be bad to trigger Andrew.”

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