“He Looks Visibly Exhausted” Experts Analyze Trump’s Physical and Emotional State During Trump Tower Press Conference

 “He Looks Visibly Exhausted” Experts Analyze Trump’s Physical and Emotional State During Trump Tower Press Conference

Credit: win mcnamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s recent 30-minute press conference at Trump Tower, which notably concluded without a question-and-answer session, has sparked discussions about the former president’s well-being. Multiple specialists have pointed out signs of physical and emotional strain on the 77-year-old, who is currently undergoing a rigorous trial.

During the conference, which evolved into a rant, experts in cosmetic dermatology and body language observed noticeable changes in Trump’s demeanor and physical appearance that suggested a decline. Speaking to the Daily Beast, dermatologist Michele Green commented on the visible impact of the trial on Trump. “He looks visibly exhausted from it,” she noted, highlighting his lackluster skin tone and the puffiness around his eyes.

“His under-eye area looks darker and it looks more puffy, overall his skin color and tone are more sallow. It looks like he hasn’t slept.” Green speculated that the stress, possibly exacerbated by a gag order preventing him from speaking out, could be taking a significant toll. “He had this gag order where he wasn’t allowed to speak—I wonder if the stress of that has affected him. He looks worn out, and I wonder how much is that component,” she suggested.

Patti Wood, a body language expert, also provided insights into Trump’s behavior during the press event. She described a departure from his usual confident approach to public speaking. “His typical way of starting a speech is to go to the podium and pause and just wait. He typically savors that moment when people are waiting for him and he’s making them wait,” Wood explained. However, during this appearance, she sensed “an indication of anxiety and a desire to get through it, to get over it, to get it done.”

Wood further analyzed Trump’s physical gestures, pointing out that his hands expressed his inner turmoil. “There’s tension forcing the wrists downward, the emotional message… is, ‘I don’t know what to do. He’s getting self-comfort by touching the tips of his fingers on the table in front of him—symbolically, he doesn’t know how to play this.”

The observations by these experts suggest that the pressures of the trial are manifesting in Trump’s physical and psychological state, offering a glimpse into the personal challenges he may be facing amid his legal battles. This analysis not only sheds light on his current condition but also raises questions about the impact of prolonged stress on his overall health.

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