“He Said It, We Know It”: Doubts Cast Over Trump’s Memory in Recent Fox News Interview

In a recent Fox News interview that aired on Sunday, Donald Trump made a statement that has sparked considerable controversy and skepticism. He claimed he never said “Lock her up” in reference to his 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, asserting that it was his supporters at rallies who popularized the chant.

This statement quickly drew criticism and disbelief, as the internet flooded with video evidence of Trump himself using the phrase at his campaign rallies. Dean Obeidallah, a lawyer and host of The Dean Obeidallah Show on Sirius XM, discussed Trump’s contentious interview on MSNBC. Obeidallah highlighted the apparent disconnect between Trump’s recent comments and his well-documented past statements, told Raw Story.

“We all know he said it. Are you kidding me? That was his trademark,” Obeidallah remarked, reflecting on Trump’s campaign rhetoric, which also included promises like “Mexico is going to build a wall.” During the MSNBC segment, Obeidallah played a clip of Trump explicitly stating his desire to lock up Clinton, underscoring the contradiction in Trump’s recent denial.

The lawyer-host expressed concern over the former president’s grasp of his well-recorded statements, saying, “He acted as if he has no idea that his previous comments have been recorded.” Beyond just pointing out the inconsistency, Obeidallah raised a more profound question about Trump’s cognitive health. “Does Trump truly not remember saying that?” he pondered, suggesting that the issue might extend beyond mere political maneuvering to potential cognitive decline.

“There are a lot of signs about him and what he says and I am not a doctor, but some cognitive issues going on there,” he added, reflecting on the broader implications of such a disconnect. The discussion also touched on Trump’s physical appearance, with Obeidallah noting, “He does not look well, either,” further fueling speculation about the former president’s overall health.

The interview has reignited debates about the reliability of Trump’s public statements and his fitness, both mental and physical. It also exemplifies the ongoing challenges in political discourse, where recorded history often clashes with personal recollections and narratives. As Obeidallah concluded, dismissing Trump’s denial as absurd: “He said it, we know it, a trademark of his campaign, now to say he did not say it, it is ridiculous.” This incident not only questions Trump’s credibility but also prompts a deeper examination of his current state amid ongoing political engagements.

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