SHOCKWAVES in GOP! Trump’s ‘Death Penalty’ Remark Sparks FURY Among Conservatives

Former President Donald Trump
Credit: Alex Brandon/AP, FILE

In a jaw-dropping move, Donald Trump took to Truth Social late on Friday to drop a bombshell – suggesting that General Mark Milley, a retiring official critical of Trump, may actually deserve the “death penalty.” The digital universe erupted with reactions from prominent conservatives.

General Milley had previously spoken up, revealing in a news profile how he kept Trump in line during his term. Trump retaliated fiercely, blaming the general for the tragic losses in Afghanistan and hinting at a potential execution for the general’s alleged deeds.

The online world of conservatives went into a frenzy.

Chris Christie, GOP presidential contender and a known Trump adversary, jumped in with a fiery response on Saturday. Pointing out that Milley is just another name in a list that includes Bill Barr, Mark Esper, and John Kelly, he lambasted Trump: “Appointed and lauded by Trump, but now routinely attacked for prioritizing the nation over him.

Who goes on a fringe social platform and speaks of execution? Only a deeply troubled individual who shouldn’t even be close to the Oval Office” roared Christie. He further took a clear stand, expressing, “You’re either in Trump’s good books or you’re his foe. I know where I stand, and I won’t back down.”

Olivia Troye, who once assisted Mike Pence on homeland security during the Trump era, voiced her support for Christie with a brief, “Thank you, Gov. Chris Christie.”

Another hard-hitting response came from conservative attorney and Trump detractor, George Conway. Responding to a group’s claim that Trump’s threats were merely “gross”, he corrected, “Not just gross. It’s sick.”

Tom Nichols, a former Republican who left the party following Trump’s nomination, inferred from Trump’s comment, “Milley should face the death penalty? Trump knows the dangerous game he’s playing.”

Ex-Trump advocate David Weissman didn’t hold back either, stating, “Trump is virtually advocating for General Milley’s execution. Can we expedite his due process before he triggers another tragedy? It feels eerily like Greene’s execution call for Pelosi.”

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