“I’d rather deal with real MAGA than phonies” Trump Snubs Loyal Congressman in New Round of GOP Endorsements

 “I’d rather deal with real MAGA than phonies” Trump Snubs Loyal Congressman in New Round of GOP Endorsements


Donald Trump’s latest round of endorsements has stirred controversy and disappointment, particularly due to his noticeable omission of a Republican congressman who recently attended his criminal trial in a show of support. The former president announced his backing for various GOP figures over the weekend, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, but conspicuously left Congressman Dan Webster off his list.

Webster, who had made a significant effort to travel to New York to stand by Trump during his trial, which he denounced as a “farce,” found himself excluded from the endorsements. This snub has sparked discussions and criticisms among MAGA supporters and Republican insiders, who questioned Trump’s loyalty and the criteria for his political backing.

Trump’s endorsements were quickly followed by remarks from Webster’s opponent, Anthony Sabatini, who highlighted the oversight in a pointed statement. “JUST IN,” Sabatini announced, “Trump just endorsed every Republican member of Congress from Florida EXCEPT my opponent RINO Dan Webster, Laurel Lee, and Kat Cammack.”

Sabatini’s comment underscores the political ramifications of Trump’s choices, positioning Webster as isolated within the party and calling into question his alignment with Trump’s vision for the GOP. The fallout from Trump’s endorsements raises questions about the former president’s strategy and the implications for GOP unity as the party prepares for upcoming elections.

Former prosecutor Ron Filipkowski also weighed in:

“Webster went all the way up to NYC this week to humiliate himself outside Trump’s trial hoping to get the endorsement to fend off another MAGA primary challenger,” he said on Sunday. “Not to be. I hope everyone who does this loses. I’d rather deal with real MAGA than phonies.”

Trump’s decisions have not only influenced the immediate political landscape but also signaled potential shifts in alliances and support within the Republican ranks. As Trump continues to wield significant influence over the party’s direction, his endorsements—and omissions—will likely play a crucial role in shaping the dynamics and candidate support in future electoral contests.

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