Donald Trump Shares Insights on Melania’s Low Profile and Family Dinners with Barron

Melania Trump

In a recent episode of “The Megyn Kelly” podcast on September 14, Donald Trump opened up about his wife, Melania Trump, and her decision to maintain a low profile.

Describing Melania, the former president said, “She’s doing very well and is incredibly even-tempered. Many people loved her as a first lady, evident from the numerous signs at rallies showing their support for her.”

Trump emphasized that their relationship remains strong, even if Melania doesn’t attend all his events. He said, “She possesses a calm demeanor which many appreciate. We share quality moments over dinners and understand each other well.”

Discussing Melania’s reserved nature, Trump drew a comparison with legendary actress Greta Garbo’s reclusiveness. He recalled a conversation with Barbara Walters, where she expressed a desire to interview the reclusive Garbo. He noted, “While Melania isn’t exactly like that, she’s introspective and self-assured. She doesn’t need public validation.”

Additionally, Trump expressed admiration for his youngest son, Barron Trump, mentioning his academic prowess and highlighting his athletic build.

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