“Just a shameless shill like him” Trump Narrows Down VP Candidates with Key Policy Considerations

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Donald Trump’s campaign is gearing up for a potential showdown with President Joe Biden in the upcoming November elections. During a recent discussion on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” host Greg Kelly probed Trump about his considerations for a vice-presidential running mate. Trump indicated that he had narrowed down his list, excluding certain individuals based on their past actions, as reported by Mediaite.

In the interview on March 13, Trump hinted at having a few familiar names in mind for the VP slot but made it clear that he had dismissed some prospects due to what he perceived as improper behavior. “We have a lot of great people in the Republican Party,” Trump stated, acknowledging the depth of potential candidates while also noting there were those he definitely wouldn’t consider for the role.

Trump’s criteria for his vice-presidential pick seem to revolve around abortion rights stances, as per NBC News. The former president is reportedly looking for a candidate with moderate views on abortion, steering clear of those with extreme positions. This was evident when he solicited opinions on Senator Tim Scott’s vocal anti-abortion stance, suggesting Trump’s cautious approach to navigating this divisive issue.

Aside from Scott, Trump has also been evaluating the abortion views of other potential VP candidates like Senators JD Vance, Elise Stefanik, Byron Donalds, and Marco Rubio, pointing to a thorough vetting process based on key policy stances.

When asked about the selection process, Trump described it as an internal deliberation, saying, “It’s a formal process that’s in my brain.” He brushed off the notion that individuals are reluctant to work with him, claiming a wide range of political figures, including Democrats, would be eager to join his ticket if given the opportunity.

Trump’s vision for his ideal vice-presidential candidate encompasses a staunch conservative with a strong commitment to law and order, low taxes, minimal interest rates, and strict border policies. This description sketches out the profile of a running mate aligned with Trump’s political priorities and ideological stance, aiming to consolidate the Republican base while potentially appealing to a broader spectrum of voters in the forthcoming electoral battle.

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