Trump Fumes as Key Republican Backs Rival in Upcoming Presidential Battle


Immediately after former Texas Rep. Will Hurd announced his withdrawal from the 2024 Presidential Campaign on October 9, 2023, Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform to voice his thoughts.

Criticizing Hurd’s congressional tenure, Trump labeled it “terrible” and hinted at Hurd’s perceived lack of charisma. The Hill highlighted this news the following day, emphasizing Trump’s sharp comments on Hurd’s campaign exit.

Facing challenges from the beginning, Hurd’s campaign struggled to capture attention, missing out on the first two primary debates. On his exit, Hurd called on Republicans to rally behind Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Governor, for the party’s nomination.

Trump, ever vocal, criticized Hurd’s decision, mockingly branding Haley “Birdbrain” and suggesting Hurd was both “jealous” and ill-equipped for the presidency.

Hurd’s campaign had faced an uphill battle, often overshadowed in a crowded GOP field. His endorsement of Haley, despite Trump’s evident distaste, highlighted the GOP’s internal divisions as they sought a leading candidate for the upcoming election.

Trump’s remarks emphasized his ongoing impact on the Republican Party. With Hurd now out of the race, all eyes are on the developing contest between leading GOP candidates like Haley. As always, Trump’s voice promises to be a major factor in shaping the 2024 presidential race narrative.

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