“He’s Amazing Actually in a Certain Way” Trump Discusses Barron’s College Prospects on Fox & Friends

 “He’s Amazing Actually in a Certain Way” Trump Discusses Barron’s College Prospects on Fox & Friends

Photograph: Pete Marovich/EPA

In his first interview after receiving a historic guilty verdict in the hush-money case, Donald Trump shared insights into his son Barron Trump’s future, particularly his college plans, during a segment on Fox & Friends. The interview, which covered topics ranging from his criminal trial to potentially declassifying sensitive documents, also touched on the personal achievements of his youngest son.

Co-anchor Will Cain brought up the topic of Barron, noting the recent public interest in him. Trump responded with evident pride, describing Barron as “amazing actually in a certain way. You know, he’s a tall, good-looking guy. He’s a very good student. He’s applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes.

You know, he’s very sought after from the standpoint; he’s a very smart guy. He’s a very tall guy. But, he’s — and he’s a — he’s a great kid.” The conversation came shortly after Barron’s graduation from Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, Florida, on May 17, 2024. Despite his ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan, Trump managed to attend the graduation, signaling a brief respite from the legal proceedings.

Accompanied by his wife, Melania Trump, who has consistently shielded Barron from the public eye, the former president celebrated his son’s educational milestone, as per The Hill. As Barron, now 18, embarks on his college journey, Trump’s comments revealed a less detailed understanding of his son’s exact plans. Discussing the current state of colleges in America, Trump noted, “You know, it’s very interesting though, colleges, you know, six months ago you looked at a college and you sort of want a certain college, and then you see all of these colleges are rioting.”

He added that such disturbances might influence Barron’s choice, hinting at a preference for institutions not embroiled in protests, “And maybe you want to go to a different kind of college because there’s plenty of colleges that we also like that are different, and they don’t riot.” Throughout his father’s tumultuous political and legal battles, Barron has remained a rare sight in the media. This reserved visibility is largely attributed to Melania’s protective approach to her son’s exposure.

However, Trump has occasionally shared glimpses into Barron’s character and interests, revealing in a past interview with Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that his son possesses a keen political acumen and occasionally advises him on political matters. The interview provided a rare peek into the personal life of the Trump family, particularly at a time when public and media scrutiny is intensely focused on the former president’s legal and political challenges.

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