“A lot of key witnesses were not called,” Trump Complains of Unused Witnesses as Jury Deliberates in Manhattan Trial

 “A lot of key witnesses were not called,” Trump Complains of Unused Witnesses as Jury Deliberates in Manhattan Trial

Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf via Getty Images

As the jury commenced deliberations in Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan, the former president unleashed a fresh volley of grievances outside the courthouse. Amidst his routine denunciations of the trial’s fairness, Trump introduced a new gripe, lamenting the absence of numerous potential witnesses who, he claimed, could have vindicated him. He stated that these witnesses were never called to testify, sparking swift derision across social media platforms.

Observers were quick to highlight that Trump’s legal team had every opportunity to summon these alleged exculpatory witnesses. Instead, their strategy was minimal, relying on scant testimonies, including one from a former legal adviser to Michael Cohen that proved counterproductive. The decision to call very few witnesses, particularly when claiming many could have swayed the case in his favor, struck many as a flawed tactic if his defense was as robust as claimed, reported CNN.

“A lot of key witnesses were not called,” said Trump. “Look at the list. Look at the players. And you know who I’m talking about, you can take five or six of them. Why didn’t they call those witnesses? They didn’t call them because they would have been on our side.”

Legal analyst Daniel Sitko weighed in on the matter, suggesting that the move to call few witnesses might have been strategic but certainly opened the door to criticism, especially given Trump’s post-trial comments. The debate over the defense’s choices continued to stir discussions on the effectiveness and intentions behind their approach.

The trial, which has riveted public attention, involves Trump being accused of falsifying business records related to hush money payments. The seriousness of the charges and the high-profile nature of the trial have intensified scrutiny of every legal maneuver by both the prosecution and defense.

As the jury deliberates, the court of public opinion remains divided. Supporters of Trump echo his sentiments on the alleged unfairness of the trial, while critics argue that his defense team’s decisions reflect the weakness of his position. The ultimate verdict awaited with bated breath, will not only decide Trump’s legal fate but also significantly impact his public and political standing.

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