“He’s Quite Partial to Gold” Stormy Daniels Reveals Details of Trump’s Personal Habits on Jimmy Kimmel Live

 “He’s Quite Partial to Gold” Stormy Daniels Reveals Details of Trump’s Personal Habits on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Stormy Daniels, the adult film star at the center of legal disputes with former President Donald Trump, recently made headlines during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. With characteristic candor, Daniels delved into her past interactions with Trump, bringing to light intriguing details that captivated the audience and the host alike.

As reported by The Things, Daniels’s recount of her experience started with her surprising observations in Trump’s hotel room, particularly his bathroom. “I observed,” she revealed, “He’s quite partial to gold. All his grooming tools, for tweezing and styling, were gold.” This detail not only added a personal touch to the narrative but also prompted laughter from Kimmel and the audience due to its unexpected nature.

However, it was her further disclosure about Trump’s choice of everyday products that raised eyebrows. “Yet, I was genuinely surprised to discover that a man with such high self-regard relied on Pert Plus and Old Spice,” Daniels added a fact that seemed at odds with his luxurious persona.

The interview also touched on Trump’s television viewing habits, a lesser-known aspect of his private life. Contrary to what some might expect, Daniels pointed out that during their encounters, Trump showed a particular interest in Shark Week, rather than political shows or even his own show, The Apprentice. This revelation provided a peculiar insight into the former president’s personal interests, as per The Guardian

Daniels’s appearance on Kimmel was not just about sharing anecdotes; it also highlighted her dissatisfaction with the recent court verdict involving Trump. Despite the legal recognition of her claims, Daniels expressed a desire for more substantial consequences for Trump, emphasizing her ongoing struggle with threats from his supporters.

The discussion on Kimmel’s show also revisited Daniels’s potential involvement in The Apprentice, a strategy Trump hoped would “stir things up” and boost ratings. According to Daniels’s memoir “Full Disclosure” and corroborated by NBC News, Trump intended to keep her on the show for an extended period to maximize viewer engagement. However, this plan was thwarted when NBC decided against her participation.

The interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live thus served as a platform for Daniels to share her unique narrative, contributing to the broader discourse surrounding Trump’s controversies. The segment, laden with both humor and gravity, underscored the complex layers of public and private personas in political figures.

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