“Michelle Obama Would Win Right Now” Stephen A. Smith Weighs In on 2024 Election

 “Michelle Obama Would Win Right Now” Stephen A. Smith Weighs In on 2024 Election

( Photo Credit – Michelle Obama )

Popular sports commentator Stephen A. Smith recently weighed in on the 2024 presidential election with a bold claim: former First Lady Michelle Obama would crush former President Donald Trump at the polls if she decided to run. Smith made this assertion during an appearance on Kevin Garnett’s podcast KG Certified.

When Garnett asked how close the U.S. is to having a female president, Smith pointed to Hillary Clinton’s narrow loss in 2016. Smith blamed former FBI Director James Comey’s last-minute revival of the email controversy, saying, “If the FBI director at the time, James Comey, hadn’t come in at the last minute with some s*** about Hillary and emails, and Hillary — I believe — had campaigned in Wisconsin and Philadelphia in the waning days before the election, I think you would’ve had a female president in 2016.”

He believes Clinton was “that close” to winning, as per The Daily Mail. The ESPN personality then turned his attention to Michelle Obama. “I think that Michelle Obama would win right now if she were to run,” Smith stated emphatically. “I think that Michelle Obama would hands down be the next president of the United States if she were to run against Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.”

However, he acknowledged her lack of interest, saying, “Now, that obviously is not gonna happen. She doesn’t seem to have an interest.” Smith’s comments echo the desires of many Democrats who have tried to recruit the popular Obama to run. A February poll found she was the top choice to replace President Joe Biden on the 2024 ticket. Despite this, Obama’s office firmly shut down such speculation in March, stating, “She will not be running for president” and “supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign,” as per Western Journal.

Regardless of Smith’s political punditry, his fiery rhetoric and willingness to share controversial opinions are likely music to ESPN’s ears. Known for his passionate sports takes, Smith hasn’t shied away from political commentary either. During his March appearance on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast, he criticized the Democratic party’s lack of viable alternatives to Biden, calling it “pathetic” that they couldn’t find a younger candidate to take on Trump after eight years.

“You had since 2016 to come up with somebody else, and you still can’t do it? That is pathetic,” he said. While Smith believes Obama could easily defeat Trump, he seems less confident Biden can pull it off. He said he was “ashamed” of Democrats for failing to recruit stronger opposition and wasn’t sure which party he wanted to win in 2024. The longtime analyst argued an 82-year-old incumbent was a flawed standard-bearer:

“It is 2024. In eight years, you should have been able to find somebody that could compete with this man other than a soon 82-year-old incumbent.” Smith’s outspoken views on the potential for a Michelle Obama candidacy and his critique of the Democratic party’s current strategy highlight ongoing debates within political circles as the 2024 election approaches.

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